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ThinkMind // eTELEMED 2016, The Eighth International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine

Type: conference

Download: eTELEMED 2016 cover page

Download: eTELEMED 2016 foreword page

Download: eTELEMED 2016 committee page

Download: eTELEMED 2016 table of contents

Download: eTELEMED 2016 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Marike Hettinga, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands
Alma Leora Culén, University of Oslo, Norway
Lisette Van Gemert-Pijnen, University of Twente - Enschede, the Netherlands
Anne G. Ekeland, Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine /
University Hospital of North Norway | University of Tromsø, Norway
Trine Bergmo, University Hospital of North Norway, Norway
Paolo Perego, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Maurizio Caon, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western
Switzerland, Switzerland
Cristiana Degano, Gruppo SIGLA S.r.l., Italia
Piero Giacomelli, Spac SPA, Italy
Kari Dyb, Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine /
University Hospital of North Norway | University of Tromsø, Norway

Event editions: - there are 11 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4359

ISBN: 978-1-61208-470-1

Location: Venice, Italy

Dates: from April 24, 2016 to April 28, 2016

Articles: there are 53 articles

Supporting eHealth Innovations: an Insurer’s Perspective
Ruud Janssen, Sikke Visser, Elles Gyaltsen-Lohuis, and Marike Hettinga
keywords: eHealth; innovation; health care; insurer; support; evaluation; criteria

Promoting Patient Voices on the Internet
Marianne Vibeke Trondsen, Line Lundvoll Warth, Kari Dyb, Torsten Risør, and Hege Kristin Andreassen
keywords: ethics; patient narratives; qualitative methods; video recordings; Internet

Online Information about Cancer Patient Pathways (CPP) in Norway
Heidi Gilstad
keywords: cancer patient pathways; CPP, critical discourse analysis; CDA; communication exchange; knowledge exchange; activity exchange; the ADIUVAT-model.

Designing in Rural Highland Contexts: Exploring the Role of Technology in Facilitating Human Connections
Tara French, Jeroen Blom, and Sneha Raman
keywords: rural health; participatory design; community; technology; experience labs; care structures; collaboration space; experiential learning.

Patient-Centred Healthcare Team
Trine S Bergmo, Birgitte Aabotsvik, Monika Eriksen, Elisabeth Kollnes, Marte F Larsen, Hege Mathisen, Anne Grethe Olsen, Johanne Aasen, Monika Dalbakk, Grete Jakobsen, Torunn I Johansen, Stian Kristoffersen, Veronica Sørensen, and Stine Haustreis
keywords: Geriatrics, integrated care, patient centeredness, interdisciplinary teamwork, e-health, mobile health, safe discharge, avoided hospitalisation.

Interaction Space: Older Adults and in-Home Systems
Jeroen Blom, Tara French, and Gemma Teal
keywords: older people; participatory design; interaction design; technology; sensor system

Co-creation of an Innovation Network: Engagement and User Involvement in Digital Care Services
Torbjørg Træland Meum and Etty Ragnhild Nilsen
keywords: Welfare technology; Innovation; Information Infrastructure; Socio-technical systems; Action Design Research.

Assessing Electronic Health Records: Are Basic Assumptions in “Health Technology Assessment” Useful?
Anne Granstrøm Ekeland
keywords: Health Technology Assessment (HTA); challenging assumptions, approaches and methods; programs of electronic health records; assumptions in constructive assessments

Denk je zèlf! Developing a Personalised Virtual Coach for Emotional Eaters using Personas
Aranka Dol, Olga Kulyk, Hugo Velthuijsen, Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen, and Tatjana van Strien
keywords: obesity; emotional eating; Dialectical Behaviour Therapy; personalised care; virtual coach.

Identifying Important Components for a Successful Life Style Change using an Online Complex e-health Intervention in General Practice – a Qualitative Interview Study
Carl J. Brandt, Jane Clemensen, Jesper Bo Nielsen, and Jens Søndergaard
keywords: obesity; internet community; e-health; self-efficacy; patient empowerment

Feasibility of a Second Iteration Wrist and Hand Supported Training System for Self-administered Training at Home in Chronic Stroke
Sharon M Nijenhuis, Gerdienke B Prange-Lasonder, Farshid Amirabdollahian, Francesco Infarinato, Jaap H Buurke, and Johan S Rietman
keywords: stroke; upper extremity; telerehabilitation; dynamic orthotic device; rehabilitation games; home training

A Renewed Framework for the Evaluation of Telemedicine.
Stephanie Maria Jansen - Kosterink, Miriam Vollenbroek - Hutten, and Hermie Hermens
keywords: telemedicine; evaluation; framework

The Analysis of Youngster with Fever by Using Instantaneous Pulse Rate Variability
Po Hsun Huang, Chia-Chi Chang, and Tzu-Chien Hsiao
keywords: photoplethysmography; instantaneous pulse rate variability; body temperature; fever; autonomic nervous system; peripheral circulation

Planning for Sustainability: Multiple Technologies for Different Care Models
Anthony Glascock, Rene Burke, Sherri Portnoy, and Shaleea Shields
keywords: telecare; eHealth, multiple technologies; demonstration project; intellectual and developmental disabilities; severe and persistent mental illness

Automated Nursing Agent: A Software Agent for At-Home Elderly Care
Amir Hossein Faghih Dinevari and Osmar Zaiane
keywords: Software Agent; Intelligent Agents; Automated Conversation; Natural Language Processing

A Compact Dual-Band Antenna for Wearable e-Health Devices
Haider Raad, Casey White, Hussain Al-Rizzo, Ayman Isaac, and Ali Hammoodi
keywords: e-Health; Telemedicine; WBAN; Wearable Antennas; WLAN

Proposal for A KINECT-Based Auscultation Practice System
Yoshitoshi Murata, Kazuhiro Yoshida, Natsuko Miura, and Yoshihito Endo
keywords: simulator, auscultation, nursing, KINECT

Co-creating with Stakeholders: Ideating eHealth Applications to Support Antibiotic Stewardship in Hospitals
Maarten van Limburg, Hans Ossebaard, Jobke Wentzel, and Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen
keywords: eHealth technology; implementation; stakeholder co-creation; business modeling; antibiotic prescription

The Grid, Classification of eHealth Applications Towards a Better (re)Design and Evaluation
Saskia Akkersdijk, Saskia Kelders, Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen, and Annemarie Braakman
keywords: eHealth; classification; evaluation; design

Smartphone-Based Collaborative System for Wounds Tracking
Francis Faux, Rémi Bastide, Nathalie Souf, and Rita Zgheib
keywords: Wounds tracking; smartphone; collaborative system

A Short-Term Assessment of Cardiac Output by Using Instantaneous Pulse Rate Variability
Pei Chen Lin, Chia Chi Chang, Hung Yi Hsu, and Tzu Chien Hsiao
keywords: fluid responsiveness (FR); instantaneous pulse rate variability (iPRV); ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EEMD); head-up tilt (HUT); passive leg raising (PLR)

Telemonitoring Protocol for Prevention and Comorbidity Screening, in Paediatric Patients with Cystic Fibrosis and/or Diabetes, by HVR index
Irene Tagliente, Fabrizio Murgia, Riccardo Schiaffini, Antonella Lorubio, Marcello Chinali, Fabio Majo, and Sergio Bella
keywords: Heart rate variability; Diabetes; Cystic Fibrosis; eHealth; Telemonitoring; Prevention; Equipment.

Combining Personal Health Records and Relevant External Data Sources: A Way for Achieving New Outcomes for Personal Healthcare
Juha Puustjärvi and Leena Puustjärvi
keywords: Personal Health Records; Semantic Web; Open Data Sources; SPARQL

Big Data for Personalized and Persuasive Coaching via Self-monitoring Technology
Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen, Floor Sieverink, Liseth Siemons, and Annemarie Braakman-Jansen
keywords: self-monitoring;personalized healthcare;coaching

Wearable Recognition System for Emotional States Using Physiological Devices
Ali Mehmood Khan and Michael Lawo
keywords: Emotional states; Physiological devices; International Affective Picture System; Machine learning classifier; User studies

Attribute-Based Authenticated Access for Secure Sharing of Healthcare Records in Collaborative Environments
Mohamed Abomhara and Huihui Yang
keywords: Electronic health records; Authorization; Authentication; Data security and privacy; Attribute-based authentication; Collaboration.

Fuzzy One-Decision Making Model with Fuzzified Outcomes in the Treatment of Necrotizing Fasciitis
Elisabeth Rakus-Andersson and Janusz Frey
keywords: fuzzy one-decision making; fuzzy sets; families of membership functions; s-functions; necrotizing fasciitis; treatment with hyperbaric oxygen

The Value of Clinical Information Models and Terminology for Sharing Clinical Information
Rune Pedersen, Conceição Granja, and Luis Marco Ruis
keywords: eHealth medical records; electronic health records; web technology; e-health; interoperability; semantics; integrated care; OpenEHR; terminology; classification systems

Three Levels of Access Control to Personal Health Records in a Healthcare Cloud
Gabriel Sanchez Bautista and Ning Zhang
keywords: eHealth; Attribute-based encryption; Secret sharing; Access control; Multilevel

Evaluation of a Context-Specific Communication System Based on Smartphones: A Field Study of Use and Nurses’ expectations
Trine S. Bergmo, Elin Johnsen, Monika A. Johansen, and Tejre Solvoll
keywords: component, hospital communication systems, context awareness, nursing, e-health, work practices, ICT in hospitals, work effinecy

Designing User Interfaces for Personal Health Assessment Questionaires: A Report From a Pilot Study
Conceição Granja, Kari Dyb, Stein Roald Bolle, and Gunnar Hartvigsen
keywords: cancellations; surgery department; electronic communication; electronic health record; patient interfaces

Core Archetypes The Means to Build Confidence Around the Power of Structured EPR Systems?
Gro-Hilde Ulriksen and Rune Pedersen
keywords: archetypes; electronic patient records; semantic interoperability; core archetypes.

Concept Testing Toward a Patient-Validated Information Architecture
Tore Høgås, Torsten Risør, Marianne Trondsen, Line Lundvoll Warth, Kari Dyb, and Hege Andreassen
keywords: usability; information architecture; A/B testing; health experiences; qualitative research

Investigating Factors Determining the Use of the Clinical Care Module by Nurses Through the UTAUT Model
Munyaradzi Zhou, Marlien Herselman, and Alfred Coleman
keywords: UTAUT; clinical care module; nurses; clinical care

An Integrated and Collaborative eHealth System for the Mental Health Services
Claudio Dario, Gerardo Favaretto, Claudio Saccavini, Silvia Mancin, and Giulia Pellizzon
keywords: Integrated care, Depression, General Pratictioner, Collaborative Care, cCBT

Barriers to Deploying Diabetes Self-management mHealth Services in the Chinese Market
Ying Li, Xiaolian Duan, Daidi Zhong, and Jianning Qu
keywords: mHealth; diabetes; self-management; mobile applications.

Results of the Australian CSIRO National Multi-site Trial of At-home Telemonitoring for the Management of Chronic Disease
Branko Celler, Marlien Varnfield, Jane Li, Rajiv Jayasena, Ross Sparks, Surya Nepal, Leila Alem, Julian Jang-Jaccard, and Simon McBride
keywords: telehealth; home telehealth; home telemonitoring; chronic disease management; clinical trial protocol; BACI design; case matched control design

Distributed Case Management in the Public Health Area
Octavian Purcarea, Philip Cummings, Doina Patrubani, and Cristian Taslitchi
keywords: Public health data visualization; guidelines; timeline; case management; Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN).

MoodLine and MoodMap: Designing a Mood Function for a Mobile Application with and for Young Patients
Maja van der Velden and Margaret Machniak Sommervold
keywords: Mobile health application; lifeworld; Participatory Design; teenagers; transition

Re-establishing Interaction Through Design of Alternative Interfaces
Suhas Govind Joshi
keywords: psychomotor abilities; elderly; radio; assistive technology

ICT Platform for Cognitive Stimulation: Technological Description and Evaluation of Effectiveness and Impact of the Practice in Alzheimer’s Disease Patients
Andrea Caroppo, Alessandro Leone, Pietro Siciliano, Daniele Sancarlo, Grazia D'onofrio, and Antonio Greco
keywords: Cognitive Stimulation; Alzheimer’s Disease; ICT Platform; Quality of Life

Sense-Making in Complex Healthcare Domains: The Role of Technology in Every Day Lives of Youth Suffering from ME/CFS
Jorun Børsting and Alma Leora Culén
keywords: complex systems; sense-making; ME/CFS; ANT; healthcare; design thinking

Do it Yourself: Supporting Patient Self-management in Clinical Practice
Veronica Janssen and Roderik Kraaijenhagen
keywords: self-management; health care; e-health; implementation; participatory design; patient portal

Performing Telecare: Recognizing New Nursing Care Practices
Annemarie van Hout, Ruud Janssen, and Marike Hettinga
keywords: nursing telecare; mental health care; ethnography.

Smartphone-based Optical System for Blood Coagulation Self-monitoring
Ramji Sitaraman Lakshmanan and Vitaly Efremov
keywords: blood coagulation; nephelometry; clotting time; light scattering; smartphone

Technology for Transition: Needs and Preferences of Young Patients
Margaret Machniak Sommervold and Maja van der Velden
keywords: Participatory Design; IBD; ICT needs; context-aware; appropriation

Textile Performance Assessment for Smart T-Shirt Development
Paolo Perego, Giuseppe Andreoni, and Marco Tarabini
keywords: conductive yarn characterization, textile sensors, smart t-shirt.

A System for Real Time Monitoring of Users’ Postural Attitudes
Alessandro De Gloria, Alberto Cavallo, Alessio Robaldo, and Flavio Ansovini
keywords: Biometric, posture, health sensor

iCARE: Telematic Platform for the Improvement of Home Care Services for Pediatric Palliative Care
Luca Bianconi, Cristiana Degano, Matteo Toma, Luca Manfredini, Federica Penco, Sandro Dallorso, Paolo Petralia, and Riccardo Berta
keywords: Telematic; mHealth; IoT; Home Care.

Development of Smart Garments and Accessories to Support Behaviour Change in Teen-agers: Considerations on the Use of Interactive Virtual Prototyping
Maria Renata Guarneri
keywords: wearable sensors; smart garments, smart texiles; Interactive Virtual Protityping; lifestyle management, prevention in healthcare

A Graph Framework for Multimodal Medical Information Processing
Georgios Drakopoulos and Vasileios Megalooikonomou
keywords: Frailty index; Co-morbidity; Neo4j; Tensor analysis; Multimodal data mining

Designing a Mobile Serious Game to Promote Healthy Lifestyles
Stefano Carrino, Maurizio Caon, Ian Dunwell, Dalia Morosini, and Elena Mugellini
keywords: Serious game; behaviour change techniques; health and lifestyles; mobile application

An Environmental and Wearable System Supporting Monitoring Services at Home for Elderly People
Giuseppe Andreoni, Marco Bocciolone, Paolo Perego, Marco Tarabini, Lucia Pigini, Gabriele Bovi, Valerio Gower, Claudia Panzarino, and Maurizio Ferrarin
keywords: Personal Health systems; Reliability; Usability.

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