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ThinkMind // ACHI 2017, The Tenth International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions

Type: conference

Download: ACHI 2017 cover page

Download: ACHI 2017 foreword page

Download: ACHI 2017 committee page

Download: ACHI 2017 table of contents

Download: ACHI 2017 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Roy Oberhauser, Aalen University, Germany
Jaehyun Park, Incheon National University (INU), South Korea
Steffen Gerhard Schulz, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Paul Rosenthal, University of Rostock, Germany
Ljilja (Lilia) Ruzic Kascak, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Event editions: - there are 11 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4138

ISBN: 978-1-61208-538-8

Location: Nice, France

Dates: from March 19, 2017 to March 23, 2017

Articles: there are 52 articles

Subjective Contribution of Vibrotactile Modality in Addition to or Instead of Auditory Modality for Takeover Notification in an Autonomous Vehicle
Valérie Duthoit, Eric Enrègle, Jean-Marc Sieffermann, Camille Michon, and David Blumenthal
keywords: Interface design; Vibrotactile; Autonomous driving

Gesture-based User Interface Design for Static 3D Content Manipulation Using Leap Motion Controller
Naveed Ahmed
keywords: Gestures; Leap Motion; Gesture-based User Interface; User Interface Design.

Toward a UI Adaptation Approach Driven by User Emotions
Julián Galindo, Sophie Dupuy-Chessa, and Éric Céret
keywords: user interface adaptation; user modeling; emotion recognition; architecture.

Sonification of 3D Object Shape for Sensory Substitution: An Empirical Exploration
Torkan Gholamalizadeh, Hossein Pourghaemi, Ahmad Mhaish, Gökhan İnce, and Damien Jade Duff
keywords: Sensory substitution; sensory augmentation; point clouds; depth cameras; sound synthesis

Multi-Operator Gesture Control of Robotic Swarms Using Wearable Devices
Sasanka Nagavalli, Meghan Chandarana, Michael Lewis, and Katia Sycara
keywords: Robotic Swarms; Gesture Control; Wearable Devices

Natural Language User Interface For Software Engineering Tasks
Alexander Wachtel, Jonas Klamroth, and Walter F. Tichy
keywords: Natural Language Processing; End User Development; Natural Language Interfaces; Human Computer Interaction; Programming In Natural Language; Dialog Systems.

“Fly Like This”: Natural Language Interfaces for UAV Mission Planning
Meghan Chandarana, Erica Meszaros, Anna Trujillo, and Bonnie Danette Allen
keywords: natural language, gesture, speech, flight path

Building Mobile Health Applications Using Archetypes
André Araújo, Valéria Times, Marcus Silva, and Carlos Bezerra
keywords: Graphical user interfaces; Interface generators; Mobile devices and services; Medical informatics; Archetypes.

A Comparative Assessment of User Interfaces for Choreography Design
Tafadzwa Joseph Dube, Gökhan Kurt, and Gökhan Ince
keywords: choreography; augmented reality; user experience; natural user interfaces

Product Design in the Smart City Investigation of Priority Needs in Terms of Human Interaction in the Smart City
Puyuelo Cazorla Marina, Merino Sanjuán Lola, and Val Fiel Mónica
keywords: City; Shared Artefacts; Product Design; Smart products; Technology Design

Investigating Self-disclosure and the Amount of Speaking in an Online Meeting Under the Rule of Casual Talking and Casual Listening
Yoshihiro Ichikawa, Satsuki Ayaya, Shinichiro Kumagaya, and Fumihide Tanaka
keywords: Tojisha-kenkyu; Social networking system; Text chat system; Casual talking casual listening; Communication Interface; Self-disclosure; Social anxierty.

WeaveStudio: An Object-Oriented Toolkit for Textile Pattern Colouring and Visualization
Ahmed Mohamed Fahmy Yousef and Mahmoud Kamel Mahmoud Abdalaziz
keywords: Textile; usability; Customize pantone coloring; fashion; textile manufacture

Visualizing Workload and Emotion Data in Air Traffic Control - An Approach Informed by the Supervisors Decision Making Process
Linda Pfeiffer, Tabea Sims, and Paul Rosenthal
keywords: air traffic control supervisor; visualization, workload data, emotion data, decision making

Changes in Small Eye Movements in Response to Impressions of Emotion-Evoking Pictures
Tetsuya Furuta and Minoru Nakayama
keywords: eye movements; emotional assessment; subjective assessment; cross power spectrum

Hierarchy Visualization Designs and their Impact on Perception and Problem Solving Strategies
Nicholas H. Müller, Benny Liebold, Daniel Pietschmann, Peter Ohler, and Paul Rosenthal
keywords: User Study; Hierarchy Visualization; Perception; Eye-tracking

Topic-based Revision Tool to Support Academic Writing Skill for Research Students
Harriet N Ocharo, Shinobu Hasegawa, and Kiyoaki Shirai
keywords: research support system; academic writing; writing tools; writing skill

Annotation and View Synchronization of Shared 3D Models
Hiroshi Shimada, Kengo Imae, and Naohiro Hayashibara
keywords: 3D model; annotation; viewpoint synchro- nization; publish/subscribe systems

A System to Depict the Cognitive Process of Trainees Based on Multiple Skill Parameters
Norikatsu Fujita, Hiroshi Takeshita, Sho Aoki, Kazushige Matsumoto, Tomohiro Murakami, Hirotada Fukae, and Minoru Hoshino
keywords: Vocational Training; Theory of Multiple Intelligences; Action Research; M-GTA; Developmental Disabilities; Cognitive Information Processing Model.

Interactions with Projected Augmented Relief Models (PARM)
Nachnoer Arss, Alastair D Smith, and Gary Priestnall
keywords: Physical 3D model; augmented reality; landscape visualisation.

A Comparative Study between Younger and Older Users on Mobile Interface Navigation
Qingchuan Li and Yan Luximon
keywords: age; mobile interface; navigation; task complexity; visual presentation

Two-button Mobile Interface: Touchscreen Based Text-Entry for Visually-Impaired Users
Hanseul Cho and Jae-joon Kim
keywords: visually-impaired, touchscreen, text0entry, input, Braille

Towards Accessibility Guidelines of Interaction and User Interface Design for Alzheimer’s Disease Patients
Fatma Ghorbel, Elisabeth Métais, Nebrasse Ellouze, Fayçal Hamdi, and Faiez Gargouri
keywords: Human-computer interaction; User interface; Accessibility guidelines; Design-for-all; Alzheimer’s Disease

Identifying Inexpensive Off-the-Shelf Laser Pointers for Multi-User Interaction on Large Scale Displays
Christopher Stuetzle, Barb Cutler, and Tyler Sammann
keywords: Systems, man, and cybernetics; User interfaces; Human-computer interaction

Industry 4.0 and the Futur Revolution for Human-Centered Industry
Adrien Brunet and Steffen Scholz
keywords: Human-centered industrial technology; additive manufacturing; Augmented reality; industry 4.0; Robotic.

Industry 4.0 Human-Oriented Challenges Using the Example of Additive Manufacturing Technologies
Daniel Sampaio, Marc-André Weber, and Steffen Scholz
keywords: Industry 4.0; Digitalization; Additive Manufacturing; Workplace Change; Job Content; Qualification Needs

Analysis of The Cross Section of Inkjet-Printed Conductive Tracks on PET Films
Martin Ungerer, Waldemar Spomer, Lisa Veith, Annika Fries, Christian Debatin, Irene Wacker, Rasmus Schröder, and Ulrich Gengenbach
keywords: Inkjet-printing; silver nanoparticle ink; polyethylene terephthalate; sintering; ultramicrotomy; imaging by scanning electron microscopy; cross section; microstructure; nanoparticle density

Usability Analysis of Archetyped Interfaces for the Electronic Health Record: a Comparative Study
Danielle Santos Alves, Valéria Cesário Times, André Magno Costa de Araújo, Marcus Urbano da Silva, Amadeu Sá Campos Filho, and Magdala de Araújo Novaes
keywords: Archetypes; Electronic Health Records; usability tests; archetyped interfaces; user interface building tool.

Human Activities Recognition in Smart Homes Using Stacked Autoencoders
Nour El Houda Mbarki, Ridha Ejbali, and Mourad Zaied
keywords: smart home; recognition of human activities; deep learning; stacked auto-encoders

Immersed in Software Structures: A Virtual Reality Approach
Roy Oberhauser and Carsten Lecon
keywords: Virtual reality; software visualization; program comprehension; software engineering; engineering training; computer education.

Study of Gross Muscle Fatigue During Human-Robot Interactions
Azeemsha Thacham Poyil, Farshid Amirabdollahian, and Volker Steuber
keywords: Robotic Rehabilitation; Upper Limb Training; Fatigue Detection; Electromyogram; Kinematic Fatigue Indicators

Wasting “Waste” is a Waste: Gleaning Deleted Text Fragments for Use in Future Knowledge Creation
Hiroaki Ikuta and Kazushi Nishimoto
keywords: intangible waste; knowledge utilization; writing support system; deleted text fragments.

PassGame: A Shoulder-Surfing Resistant Mobile Authentication Scheme
Jonathan Gurary, Ye Zhu, Nahed Alnahash, and Huirong Fu
keywords: shoulder surfing, challenge response, mobile authentication, graphical passwords

A Hybrid System Based on Wrinkles Shapes and Biometric Distances for Emotion Recognition
Rim Afdhal, Ridha Ejbali, and Mourad Zaied
keywords: hybrid emotion recognition system; wavelet network; fast wavelet transform; shapes of the wrinkles; classification

Nano Inks for Additive Manufacturing – A Safe-by-Design-Approach
Katja Nau, Tobias Mueller, Daniel J.B.S. Sampaio, and Steffen G. Scholz
keywords: additive manufacturing; nano safety; safe-bydesign; human-centred industrial technologie

Bonding of Flexible Mulitlayer Printed Systems based on PET-Substrates – An Investigation of Challenges and Promising Approaches
Liane Koker, Anu Paul, Didem Kinay, Jan-Hendric Rakebrandt, Heino Besser, Daniel Moser, Martin Ungerer, and Ulrich Gengenbach
keywords: multilayer printed systems; bonding of PET; transmission laserwelding; direct thermal bonding; adhesive bonding; surface activation

Concept of an Active Optical Subsystem for Use in an Ophthalmic Implant
Ingo Sieber, Thomas Martin, Georg Bretthauer, and Ulrich Gengenbach
keywords: robust design; tolerance analysis; freeform optics; optical modeling and simulation; design optimization; ophthalmic implant

“Was it easy”? “Yes”. “Will you use it”? “No”. Elderly Trying Out a Kinect Interface
Guri Verne
keywords: elderly; videoconference; gestures; Kinect; design

The Hand Gesture Recognition System Using Depth Camera
Yang-Keun Ahn and Young-Choong PARK
keywords: Gesture Recognition; Text Input System; Sign Language; Sign Language Recognition

FPGA-based Power Efficient Interactive Augmented Reality Learning Applications for Children
Abdulrahman Algharbi, Farida Hamed, and Noha Younis
keywords: Augmented Reality (AR); hand gestures; AR markers; FPGA; Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

Designing Icons on User Interfaces for 4-6 year Old Children
Shan Yan
keywords: icon design; children; cognitive development.

User Experience with Intelligent Proactive Technology in Automotive: a Study in Context
Mathilde Duczman, Eric Brangier, and Aurélie Thévenin
keywords: User Experience; intelligent car; proactive information system; gamification.

Serious Games Evaluation Using eye-tracking and Affective Computing Techniques. Case Study of OSH Training Course
Jan K. Argasiński and Iwona Grabska-Gradzińska
keywords: Serious games design, Education process, Decision-making, OSH training, Evaluation methods, Eye-tracking system, Affective computing

The Usability State of Nine Public Self-Service Applications in Denmark
Jane Billestrup, Jan Stage, and Anders Bruun
keywords: Digitalisation; Usability; Usability Evaluation; Self-Service Applications; User-Centred Design

Methods for Analyzing Millennials’ Characteristics and Contexts of Media Usage in Multi-Device Environments
Mingyu Lee, Jiyoung Kwahk, Sung H. Han, Kyudong Park, Ju Hwan Kim, Dawoon Jeong, Seokmin Oh, and Gunho Chae
keywords: Millennials, Multi-device experience, Media, User modeling, Use case

User Experience Design of Smart Headwear for Bike User
Jae-hyun Choi, Sung-soo Bae, Juhee Kim, Sangyoung Yoon, and Soon-won Chung
keywords: user experience; smart headwear; wearable device; bicycle user; user interface.

Designing a Feeding Support System for Infants using IoT
Kyudong Park, Jiyoung Kwahk, and Sung H. Han
keywords: UX design; Feeding system for infants; Internet of Things

Suggesting Design Method for Performance Evaluation System Based on IoT Data: Considering UX
Hyeji Jang, Jiyoung Kwahk, Sung H. Han, Minseok Song, Dong Gu Choi, Kyudong Park, Dohyeon Kim, Young Deok Won, and In Sub Jeong
keywords: Internet of Things; connected car; user experience; system design; advanced driver assistance system; lane keeping assistance system

The Idea Generation Process for Support Tools Enhancing Pedestrian Experience of the Mobility Handicapped in Smart City
Dong Yeong Jeong, Jiyoung Kwahk, Sung H. Han, Joohwan Park, Mingyu Lee, Kyudong Park, Ju Hwan Kim, Hyeji Jang, and Dawoon Jeong
keywords: Pedestrian Experience; Support tools; Idea generation; PX principles; The mobility handicapped

Development of the Support Tool Preventing Violations in Nuclear Power Plants
Dawoon Jeong, Sung Ho Han, Dong Yeong Jeong, and Bora Kang
keywords: violations; nuclear power plant; prevention; support tool; guidelines; safety helmet;

Development of Web based UX Diagnosis System for Small and Medium Sized Home Appliance Manufacturers in the IoT Era
Joohwan Park, Jiyoung Kwahk, Sung H. Han, Bora Kang, Mingyu Lee, Dong Yeong Jeong, Hyeji Jang, Dawoon Jeong, Jungchul Park, and Jaehyun Park
keywords: User experience; IoT; Home appliance; UX diagnosis system; Survey system

Design and Evaluation of Mobile Interfaces for an Aging Population
Ljilja Ruzic, Christina N. Harrington, and Jon A. Sanford
keywords: aging; design; evaluation; mobile interfaces

Design Thinking as a Process for Innovative Older Adult Applications
Claudia Rebola and Elizabeth Hermann
keywords: Design Thinking; Critical Making; Design for Aging; Methodologies

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