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ThinkMind // SERVICE COMPUTATION 2011, The Third International Conferences on Advanced Service Computing // View article service_computation_2011_3_40_10066

ESARC - Enterprise Services Architecture Reference Cube for Capability Assessments of Service-oriented Systems

Alfred Zimmermann
Gertrud Zimmermann

Keywords: Service-oriented Architecture; Enterprise Architecture; ESARC; Reference Architecture; Architecture Patterns; Architecture Capability and Maturity Assessments.

An original ESARC-Enterprise Services Architecture Reference Cube for supporting evaluation and optimization of service-oriented architectures is introduced. Current approaches for assessing architecture quality and maturity of service-oriented enterprise software architectures are rarely validated and were intuitively developed, having sparse reference model, metamodel or pattern foundation. Cyclic assessments of complex service-oriented systems and architectures should produce convergent and comparable evaluation results. Today architecture evaluation findings are hardly comparable. This is a real problem in cyclic evaluations of advanced architecture quality concepts to get a stable foundation for introducing service-oriented enterprise architectures for adaptive systems. Our idea and contribution is to extend existing enterprise and software architecture reference models and maturity frameworks to accord with an integral enterprise architecture reference model approach. We have applied our service-oriented ESARC in several assessment workshops with global vendors of service-oriented platforms. This experience provides the base for further investigations and improvements of our approach. ESARC provides for both cyclic architecture quality assessments and for the architecture construction and optimization a standardized and normative classification scheme of important architecture artifacts for service-oriented enterprise systems.

Pages: 63 to 68

Copyright: Copyright (c) IARIA, 2011

Publication date: September 25, 2011

Published in: conference

ISSN: 2308-3549

ISBN: 978-1-61208-152-6

Location: Rome, Italy

Dates: from September 25, 2011 to September 30, 2011

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