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ThinkMind // ACHI 2012, The Fifth International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions // View article achi_2012_2_10_20020

Evaluation of User Interface Satisfaction of Mobile Maps for Touch Screen Interfaces

Ya-Li Lin

Keywords: User Interface Satisfaction; Mobile Map; Mobile Spatial Interaction; Touch Screen; Sense of Direction.

User interfaces of mobile maps on mobile and tablet devices with a touch screen interfaces is evaluated in this study. A four-way factorial experiment compares the user interface satisfaction for two mobile touch devices (iPad/iPhone), two map types (Electronic Map/Mixed Map), two keyword searches (Landmark/District), and Chinese input methods (Hand-written/Phonetic notation). The experiment used forty-eight participants, each of whom was assigned three types of environmental spatial tasks: find targets, identify cardinal directions, and identify approximate distances. The individual differences between gender, the possession of a sense of direction and route knowledge on user’s satisfaction were also examined. The results of the study verify that both the reliability and confirmative factor analysis model of the questionnaire for user interface satisfaction are good enough. In addition, the two-factor interactions and the main effects: Type, Keyword, and Input significantly affect the degree of user satisfaction.

Pages: 22 to 27

Copyright: Copyright (c) IARIA, 2012

Publication date: January 30, 2012

Published in: conference

ISSN: 2308-4138

ISBN: 978-1-61208-177-9

Location: Valencia, Spain

Dates: from January 30, 2012 to February 4, 2012

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