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ThinkMind // SENSORCOMM 2012 , The Sixth International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications

Type: conference

Download: SENSORCOMM 2012 cover page

Download: SENSORCOMM 2012 foreword page

Download: SENSORCOMM 2012 committee page

Download: SENSORCOMM 2012 table of contents

Download: SENSORCOMM 2012 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Sergey Yurish, IFSA - Barcelona, Spain
Yenumula Reddy, Grambling State University, USA
Stephane Gervais-Ducouret, Freescale, France
Jaime Lloret Mauri, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
Laurent Gomez, SAP Labs France - Mougins, France

Event editions: - there are 10 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4405

ISBN: 978-1-61208-207-3

Location: Rome, Italy

Dates: from August 19, 2012 to August 24, 2012

Articles: there are 55 articles

Development of a Wireless Sensor Node for Environmental Monitoring
Daryoush Bayat, Daryoush Habibi, and Iftikhar Ahmad
keywords: wireless sensor network; long range; 9-Xtend; DIGIMESH

Data Reduction Algorithm on the Monitoring of Extreme Values in WSNs
Chun-Lung Lin, Pei-Hsuan Tsai, Hsiao-Chuan Liang, and Jia-Shung Wang
keywords: sensor networks; extreme values; data reduction.

Certificates Shared Verification Key Management for SurvSec Security Architecture
Mohamed Megahed, Dimitrios Makrakis, and Hisham Dahshan
keywords: Key Management; Dynamic; Hybrid; Certificate Shared Verification.

Distributed Compromised Nodes Detection Scheme at First Stage for SurvSec Security Architecture
Mohamed Megahed, Dimitrios Makrakis, and Hisham Dahshan
keywords: Overlapped Groups; Node Compromise Attack; First Stage.

Range Free Localization of Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Sugeno Fuzzy Inference
Mostafa Arbabi Monfared Arbabi Monfared, Reza Abrishambaf, and Sener Uysal
keywords: Range-free Localization; Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI); Centroid localization; Fuzzy Logic Systems; Wireless Sensor Networks

Review of Capacitive Atmospheric Icing Sensors
Umair Najeeb Mughal, Muhammad Shakeel Virk, and Mohamad Yazid Mustafa
keywords: Atmospheric ice; Sensor; Polar molecule; Dielectric.

Radiofrequency Transceiver for Probing SAW Sensors and Communicating Through a Wireless Sensor Network
Christophe Droit, Jean-Michel Friedt, Gwenhael Goavec-Merou, Gilles Martin, Sylvain Ballandras, Karla Breschi, Julien Bernard, and Herve Guyennet
keywords: transceiver; radio communication; 434~MHz ISM band; SAW resonator; temperature sensor.

Distributed Multi-Head Clustering for People-Centric Sensor Networks
Kevin Wiesner, Markus Duchon, and Michael Dürr
keywords: People-centric sensing; Mobile phone sensing; Clustering

Loop-Free Routing in Low-Power and Lossy Networks
Jianlin Guo, Chuan Han, Philip Orlik, Jinyun Zhang, and Koichi Ishibashi
keywords: loop-free routing; loop-free local route repair; low power and lossy network; routing protocol for low power and lossy network; directed acyclic graph; destination oriented directed acyclic graph; bidirectional routes

IPv6 Wireless Sensor Network Gateway Design and End-to-End Performance Analysis
Gopinath Rao Sinniah, Zeldi Suryady, Reza Khoshdelniat, Usman Sarwar, Mazlan Abbas, and Sureswaran Ramadass
keywords: 6LoWPAN; Wireless Sensor Network; Gateway; IPv6; 802.15.4.

COPlanner: A Wireless Sensor Network Deployment Planning Architecture Using Unmanned Vehicles As Deployment Tools
Ramin Soleymani-Fard, Chia-Yen Shih, Marvin Baudewig, and Pedro Jose Marron
keywords: deployment planning; sensing coverage; connectivity; unmanned vehicles; waypoint planning; obstacle avoidance.

An Efficient Tag Identification Scheme in RFID Systems
Chiu-Kuo Liang, Chih-Kang Tseng, and Hsin-Mo Lin
keywords: Tag anti-collision; query tree; wrap-around scan

Multi-channel MAC Protocol for Real-time Monitoring of Weapon Flight Test in Wireless Sensor Network
JoonKi Min, Jookyoung Kim, Youngmi Kwon, and YongJae Lee
keywords: Multi-Channel, Wireless Sensor Network, MAC Protocol, Weapon Flight Test, Test Command and Control

Cost-effective Sensor Nodes for Wireless Sensor Networks
Sergey Yurish, Javier Cañete, and Francisco Puerta
keywords: wireless sensor networks, frequency-to-digital converter, universal sensors and transducers interface, node-on-chip

Dynamic Reconfiguration for Software and Hardware Heterogeneous Real-time WSN
Fabien Mieyeville, Mihai Galos, and David Navarro
keywords: Wireless Sensor Network; dynamic reconfiguration; MinTax; real time; in-situ compilation.

Towards the Design of a Component-based Context-Aware Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks
Manik Gupta and Eliane Bodanese
keywords: context-awareness; component-based software; middleware;adaptive sampling.

Applications Development on a Rule-Based WSN Middleware
Jiaxin Xie, Zixi Yu, Xiang Fei, and Partheepan Kandaswamy
keywords: wireless sensor network; rules; finite state machine

A Java Library for Event-Driven Communication in Power-Manageable Reactive Sensor Nodes
Emanuele Lattanzi and Alessandro Bogliolo
keywords: Event drive, communication library, reactive sensor, low-power

The Availability and Statistical Properties of Ambient Light for Energy-Harvesting for Wearable Sensor Nodes
Oleg Nizhnik, Ucu Maksudi, Sayaka Okochi, Kohei Higuchi, and Kazusuke Maenaka
keywords: solar cell; sensor network; sensor node; wearable; energy harvesting

Active Cameras Resources Management Assisted by Wide Field of view Fixed Cameras for the Surveillance of Multiple Moving Targets
Yacine Morsly, Mohand Saïd Djouadi, and Nabil Aouf
keywords: Multi-cameras systems; active and fixed cameras; assignment; online scheduling

Reducing Energy Consumption in a Sheep Tracking Network Using a Cluster-based Approach
Ragnar Stølsmark and Erlend Tøssebro
keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks; Animal Tracking; Energy Consumption.

On Estimating Mote Operation Times During Typical Cross-Layer Functions
Sankarkumar Thandapani and Aravind Kailas
keywords: Modeling and simulation of systems, practical medium access control protocols (MACs), energy efficiency

A Wireless Sensor Network to Study the Impacts of Climate Changes in Agriculture: The Coffee FACE in Brazil
André Torre-Neto and Raquel Ghini
keywords: Wireless Sensors; Environment Monitoring; Plant Diseases; Climate Change; FACE Facility

Generic Control Architecture for Heterogeneous Building Automation Applications
Thomas Pfeiffenberger, Armin Veichtlbauer, and Ulrich Schrittesser
keywords: Control Systems; Building Automation; Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems; Generic Infrastructures.

A Survey of Deterministic Vs. Non-Deterministic Node Placement Schemes in WSNs
Peter Damuut and Dongbing Gu
keywords: sensor; deterministic; non-deterministic; deployment.

Wireless Measurement Node for Dust Sensor Integration
Mokhloss Khadem, Grigore Stamatescu, and Valentin Sgarciu
keywords: dust sensors; data acquisition interface; wireless sensor networks; embedded software;

Monitoring and Management of Power Consumption in Apartment Using ZigBee
Kwang-Soo Kim, Hyunhak Kim, Tae-Wook Heo, and Jong-Arm Jun
keywords: smart grid; WSNs; apartment; power monitoring

U-Park : Parking Management System Based on Wireless Sensor Network Technology
Nikos Larisis, Leonidas Perlepes, Panayiotis Kikiras, and George Stamoulis
keywords: wireless sensor network, vehicle detection, magnetic sensor, passive infrared sensor, web based interface

A Study on the Applicability of Energy Harvesting Technology for the Sensor Network of Railroad System by Thermal Deviation
Jaehoon Kim and Jae-yun Lee
keywords: Railroad; Sensor; Energy harvesting; Thermal deviation.

An Effective Coverage Enhancing Algorithm in Directional Sensor Networks
Chiu-Kuo Liang, Yin-Chung Hsu, and Chih-Hung Tsai
keywords: directional sensors; coverage; greedy algorithms.

Energy Reduction in Wireless Sensor Networks by Switching Nodes to Sleep During Packet Forwarding
Anne-Lena Kampen, Knut Ovsthus, Lars Landmark, and Oivind Kure
keywords: WSN; Energy Consumption; Sleep control; Optimal transmission range

Empirical Models for Predicting Radio Link Quality in Outdoor Deployment Environments
Sally Wahba and Jason Hallstrom
keywords: Radio link quality modeling; wireless sensor networks; embedded network systems; radio link quality prediction.

Non-Invasive Cognitive Radio for Firm Real-Time Sensor Applications in Heterogeneous Radio Environments
Horst Hellbrück, Tim Esemann, Uwe Mackenroth, Marius Ciepluch, Arnaud Möschwitzer, and Malte Ziethen
keywords: Wireless Sensor; Cognitive Radio; Firm Real- time; Protocol

A Study on the Effect of Packet Collisions on Battery Lifetime of 802.15.4 Motes
Jose M. Cano-Garcia, Eduardo Casilari, and Farah Adbib
keywords: IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee; Wireless Sensor Networks; CSMA/CA; Clear Channel Assessmen;,packet collision.

Maximizing Transported Data in a Wireless Sensor Network: How Much can the Network Transport Before Partition?
Samta Shukla and Joy Kuri
keywords: Network Partition Time (NPT), Maximal Independent Sets(MIS), Node-disjoint Paths (NDPs), Link-Contention graph (LCG)

Simulation Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
Abdelrahman Abuarqoub, Fayez Alfayez, Mohammad Hammoudeh, Tariq Alsboui, and Andrew Nisbet
keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks; Simulation tools; Survey; Testbeds; Mix-mode simulation.

Elaboration of Cognitive Decision Making Methods in the Context of Symbiotic Networking
Milos Rovcanin, Eli De Poorter, Opher Yaron, Ingrid Moerman, David Plets, Wout Joseph, and Luc Martens
keywords: Symbiotic cognitive networks; reasoning methods; machine learning; game theory;

Solving Hidden Terminal Problem in Cognitive Networks Using Cloud Technologies
Yenumula Reddy
keywords: Hidden Terminal; Cognitive Networks; Cloud computing; spectrum mobility; spectrum holes.

Cluster-based Energy-efficient Composite Event Detection for Wireless Sensor Networks
Irfana Memon and Traian Muntean
keywords: Wireless sensor networks (WSNs); data aggregation; local computation; composite event detection.

Towards Intelligent Sensor Evolution: A Holonic-Based System Architecture
Vincenzo Di Lecce, Marco Calabrese, and Claudio Martines
keywords: smart sensors, intelligent sensor, information processing, holonic modeling

The Profile-based Data Processing Method Using Wireless Sensor-actuator Networks
TaeWook Heo, Jong-Arm Jun, Nae-Soo Kim, and Hoon Choi
keywords: Distributed networks; profile based data processing; profile distribution; wireless sensors-actuator networks

A Reliable and Real-Time AggregationAaware Data Dissemination in a Chain- Based Wireless Sensor Network
Zahra Taghikhaki, Nirvana Meratnia, and Paul J.M. Havinga
keywords: Chain-based wireless sensor network, reliable/real-time data dissemination

Classification of Faults in Sensor Readings with Statistical Pattern Recognition
Valentina Baljak, Kenji Tei, and Shinichi Honiden
keywords: Fault Tolerance; Wireless Sensor Networks; Pat- tern Recognition; Faults Classification

EDGM: Energy Efficient Data Gathering with Data Mules in Wireless Sensor Networks
Nour Brinis, Leila Azouz Saidane, and Pascale Minet
keywords: wireless sensor networks; energy efficiency; data mule; node activity scheduling; delay tolerant network

Design and Analysis of Almost-Always-Sleeping Schedulers for Embedded Systems
Biswajit Mazumder, Hao Jiang, and Jason O. Hallstrom
keywords: Wireless sensor networks; scheduling; power consumption.

Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network Simulation
David Navarro, Mihai Galos, Fabien Mieyeville, and Wan Du
keywords: Wireless Sensor Network, WSN, heterogeneous, simulation, model, SystemC

Self-monitoring Reinforcement Metalearning for Energy Conservation in Data-ferried Sensor Networks
Ben Pearre and Timothy X. Brown
keywords: Sensor networks; data ferries; energy optimisation; reinforcement learning; metalearning

Smart Parking System Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Joseph Jeffrey, Roshan Patil, Skanda Kumar, Yogish Didagi, Jyotsna Bapat, and Debabrata Das
keywords: smart environment; energy efficiency; wireless sensor networks; sensor mote; light-dependent sensors.

Experiments for Fire Detection Using a Wireless Sensor Network
Ronald Beaubrun and Yacine Kraimia
keywords: fire detection; wind direction; wireless sensor network (WSN)

Linking Sensor Data to a Cloud-based Storage Server Using a Smartphone Bridge
David Rowlands, Jason Ride, Mitchell McCarthy, Liisa Laakso, and Daniel James
keywords: sensor; smartphone; security; cloud; data

Configurations Effects over Swarm Underwater Acoustic Network Performance
Marco Tabacchiera, Samuela Persia, Eva Marchetti, and Silvello Betti
keywords: swarm; underwater communications

The Localization Problem for Harness: A Multipurpose Robotic Swarm
Ramiro dell'Erba and Claudio Moriconi
keywords: swarm; underwater; robot; localization.

Self-Powered Wireless Ocean Monitoring Systems
Sea-Hee Hwangbo, Jun-Ho Jeon, and Sung-Joon Park
keywords: Underwater Wireless Sensor Network (UWSN); Energy Harvesting; Acoustic Modem.

Monitoring the Marine Environment Using a Low-cost Colorimetric Optical Sensor
Brendan Heery, Lorna Fitzsimons, Timothy Sullivan, James Chapman, Fiona Regan, Kim Lau, Dermot Brabazon, JungHo Kim, and Dermot Diamond
keywords: environmental monitoring; colorimetric sensor; marine sensing; optical sensor

Sensor Based Risk Assessment for the Supply of Dangerous Products
Laurent Gomez, Omar Gaci, Jean Pierre Deutsch, and Elie El-Khoury
keywords: Supply Chain; Sensor; Security

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