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ThinkMind // INTELLI 2016, The Fifth International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Applications

Type: conference

Download: INTELLI 2016 cover page

Download: INTELLI 2016 foreword page

Download: INTELLI 2016 committee page

Download: INTELLI 2016 table of contents

Download: INTELLI 2016 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Antonio Martin, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
Gil Gonçalves, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal
Leo van Moergestel, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

Event editions: - there are 10 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4065

ISBN: 978-1-61208-518-0

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Dates: from November 13, 2016 to November 17, 2016

Articles: there are 27 articles

Intelligent MagLev Slider System by Feedback of Gap Sensors to Suppress 5-DOF Vibration
Yi-Ming Kao, Nan-Chyuan Tsai, and Hsin-Lin Chiu
keywords: Position Deviation Regulation; Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control (FSMC); Magnetic Levitation (MagLev)

Pre-curved Beams as Technical Tactile Sensors for Object Shape Recognition
Carsten Behn, Joachim Steigenberger, Anton Sauter, and Christoph Will
keywords: Vibrissa; Sensing; Object scanning; Contour reconstruction; Pre-curved rod

Laser-based Cooperative Estimation of Pose and Size of Moving Objects using Multiple Mobile Robots
Yuto Tamura, Ryohei Murabayashi, Masafumi Hashimoto, and Kazuhiko Takahashi
keywords: moving-object tracking; cooperative tracking; pose and size estimation; laser scanner; mobile robot; sensor node

Verification and Configuration of an Intelligent Lighting System Using BACnet
Daichi Terai, Mitsunori Miki, Ryohei Jonan, and Hiroto Aida
keywords: office lighting, lighting control, BACnet

Individual Identification Using EEG Features
Mona Fatma Ahmed, May Salama, and Ahmed Sleman
keywords: EEG; identification; biometrics; brain-waves;

Species Pattern Analysis in Long-Term Ecological Data Using Statistical and Biclustering Approach
Hyeonjeong Lee and Miyoung Shin
keywords: long-term ecological data, association mining, visualization, species-set, species abundance pattern

Towards the Development of Tactile Sensors for Surface Texture Detection
Moritz Scharff, Carsten Behn, Joachim Steigenberger, and Jorge Alencastre
keywords: Surface detection; vibrissae; friction; mechanical contact; beam; taper

Bagged Extended Nearest Neighbors Classification for Anomalous Propagation Echo Detection
Hansoo Lee, Hye-Young Han, and Sungshin Kim
keywords: Extended nearest neighbors; Hamamoto’s bootstrap II; Anomalous propagation echo; Weather prediction; Classification.

Analysis of Semantically Enriched Process Data for Identifying Process-Biomarkers
Tobias Weller, Maria Maleshkova, Martin Wagner, Lena-Marie Ternes, and Hannes Kenngott
keywords: Data Analysis;Healthcare;Semantic Technologies; Semantic MediaWiki

Supporting Humanitarian Logistics with Intelligent Applications for Disaster Management
Francesca Fallucchi, Massimiliano Tarquini, and Ernesto William De Luca
keywords: Data linkage; Disaster Information; Knowledge Base System.

A Multiagent System for Monitoring Health
Leo van Moergestel, Brian van der Bijl, Erik Puik, Daniel Telgen, and John-Jules Meyer
keywords: Multiagent-based health monitoring; learning agent

Agent-based Modelling and Simulation of Insulin-Glucose Subsystem
Sebastian Meszyński, Roger G. Nyberg, and Siril Yella
keywords: multi-agent system; normoglycemia; diabetes mellitus; Stolwijk-Hardy model.

A Hybrid Approach for Time Series Forecasting Using Deep Learning and Nonlinear Autoregressive Neural Networks
Sanam Narejo and Eros Pasero
keywords: Feature Extraction; Deep Belief Network; Time series; Temperature forecasting.

Lifecycle Ontologies: Background and State-of-the-Art
Alena Valerievna Fedotova, Valery Borisovich Tarassov, Dmitry Ilyich Mouromtsev, and Irina Timofeevna Davydenko
keywords: Ontological engineering; granular meta-ontology; ontological system; lifecycle ontologies; enterprise engineering.

Intelligent Information System as a Tool to Reach Unaproachable Goals for Inspectors - High-Performance Data Analysis for Reduction of Non-Technical Losses on Smart Grids
Juan Ignacio Guerrero, Antonio Parejo, Enrique Personal, Felix Biscarri, Jesus Biscarri, and Carlos Leon
keywords: non-technical losses; pattern recognition; expert system; big data analytics; high performance computing

Semantic Reasoning Method to Troubleshoot in the Industrial Domain
Antonio Martín, Mauricio Burbano, Iñigo Monedero, Joaquín Luque, and Carlos León
keywords: Case base Reasoning, Ontology, jColibri, Semantic Interoperability, Artificial Intelligence.

Forecasting the Needs of Users and Systems - A New Approach to Web Service Mining
Juan Ignacio Guerrero, Enrique Personal, Antonio Parejo, Antonio Garcia, and Carlos Leon
keywords: web service mining; ant colony optimization; smart grids; computational intelligence

Cartesian Handling Informal Specifications in Incomplete Frameworks
Marta Franova and Yves Kodratoff
keywords: informal specification; intelligence by design; inductive theorem proving; Cartesian Intuitionism; symbiotic recursive systems; Constructive Matching Methodology

Deepening Prose Comprehension by Incremental Knowledge Augmentation From References
Amal Babour, Javed Khan, and Fatema Nafa
keywords: Prose comprehension; Graph mining; Illuminated Semantic Graph; Knowledge paths; Sub Set Spanning.

Smart Components for Enabling Intelligent Web of Things Applications
Felix Leif Keppmann and Maria Maleshkova
keywords: Smart Components, decentralised applications, Web of Things, REST, Linked Data

Semantic Graph Transitivity for Discovering Bloom Taxonomic Relationships Between Knowledge Units in a Text
Fatema Nafa, Javed Khan, Salem Othman, and Amal Babour
keywords: Cognitive Graph; Graph Transitivity; Knowledge Unit; Graph Mining; Bloom Taxonomy.

A Method to Build a Production Process Model Prior to a Process Mining Approach
Britta Feau, Cédric Schaller, and Marion Moliner
keywords: Manufacturing system; incident detection; process model; event logs; process mining.

CPS-based Model-Driven Approach to Smart Manufacturing Systems
Jaeho Jeon, Sungjoo Kang, and Ingeol Chun

The ReBorn Marketplace: an Application Store for Industrial Smart Components
Renato Fonseca, Susana Aguiar, Michael Peschl, and Gil Gonçalves
keywords: Smart Components; Smart Components Application Store; Intelligent Manufacturing Environments; Manufacturing Systems; Industrial Equipment Re-usability; ReBorn Paradigm

Optimizing Network Calls by Minimizing Variance in Data Availability Times
Luis Neto, Henrique Lopes Cardoso, Carlos Soares, and Gil Gonçalves
keywords: Simulation; Combinatorial Optimization; Time Synchronization; Smart Nodes; Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks

Life-cycle Approach to Extend Equipment Re-use in Flexible Manufacturing
Susana Aguiar, Rui Pinto, João Reis, and Gil Gonçalves
keywords: Smart factories; Life-cycle assessment; Re-use; Production systems

Concept for Finding Process Models for New Classes of Industrial Production Processes
Norbert Link, Jürgen Pollak, and Alireza Sarveniazi
keywords: machine learning; data modeling; hyper-model; process model; welding.

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