DataSys 2023 Congress
June 26, 2023 to June 30, 2023 - Nice, Saint-Laurent-du-Var, France

  • AICT 2023, The Nineteenth Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications
  • ICIW 2023, The Eighteenth International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services
  • ICIMP 2023, The Eighteenth International Conference on Internet Monitoring and Protection
  • SMART 2023, The Twelfth International Conference on Smart Cities, Systems, Devices and Technologies
  • IMMM 2023, The Thirteenth International Conference on Advances in Information Mining and Management
  • INFOCOMP 2023, The Thirteenth International Conference on Advanced Communications and Computation
  • MOBILITY 2023, The Thirteenth International Conference on Mobile Services, Resources, and Users
  • SPWID 2023, The Ninth International Conference on Smart Portable, Wearable, Implantable and Disability-oriented Devices and Systems
  • ACCSE 2023, The Eighth International Conference on Advances in Computation, Communications and Services

ComputationWorld 2023 Congress
June 26, 2023 to June 30, 2023 - Nice, Saint-Laurent-du-Var, France

  • SERVICE COMPUTATION 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advanced Service Computing
  • CLOUD COMPUTING 2023, The Fourteenth International Conference on Cloud Computing, GRIDs, and Virtualization
  • FUTURE COMPUTING 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Future Computational Technologies and Applications
  • COGNITIVE 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advanced Cognitive Technologies and Applications
  • ADAPTIVE 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Adaptive and Self-Adaptive Systems and Applications
  • CONTENT 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Creative Content Technologies
  • PATTERNS 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Pervasive Patterns and Applications
  • COMPUTATION TOOLS 2023, The Fourteenth International Conference on Computational Logics, Algebras, Programming, Tools, and Benchmarking
  • BUSTECH 2023, The Thirteenth International Conference on Business Intelligence and Technology

NetWare 2023 Congress
September 25, 2023 to September 29, 2023 - Porto, Portugal

  • SENSORCOMM 2023, The Seventeenth International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications
  • SENSORDEVICES 2023, The Fourteenth International Conference on Sensor Device Technologies and Applications
  • SECURWARE 2023, The Seventeenth International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies
  • AFIN 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advances in Future Internet
  • CENICS 2023, The Sixteenth International Conference on Advances in Circuits, Electronics and Micro-electronics
  • ICQNM 2023, The Seventeenth International Conference on Quantum, Nano/Bio, and Micro Technologies
  • FASSI 2023, The Ninth International Conference on Fundamentals and Advances in Software Systems Integration
  • GREEN 2023, The Eighth International Conference on Green Communications, Computing and Technologies

NexTech 2023 Congress
September 25, 2023 to September 29, 2023 - Porto, Portugal

  • UBICOMM 2023, The Seventeenth International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies
  • ADVCOMP 2023, The Seventeenth International Conference on Advanced Engineering Computing and Applications in Sciences
  • SEMAPRO 2023, The Seventeenth International Conference on Advances in Semantic Processing
  • AMBIENT 2023, The Thirteenth International Conference on Ambient Computing, Applications, Services and Technologies
  • EMERGING 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Emerging Networks and Systems Intelligence
  • DATA ANALYTICS 2023, The Twelfth International Conference on Data Analytics
  • GLOBAL HEALTH 2023, The Twelfth International Conference on Global Health Challenges
  • CYBER 2023, The Eighth International Conference on Cyber-Technologies and Cyber-Systems

TrendNews 2023 Congress
September 25, 2023 to September 29, 2023 - Porto, Portugal

  • CORETA 2023, Advances on Core Technologies and Applications
  • DIGITAL 2023, Advances on Societal Digital Transformation

SocSys 2023 Congress
November 13, 2023 to November 17, 2023 - Valencia, Spain

SoftNet 2023 Congress
November 13, 2023 to November 17, 2023 - Valencia, Spain

  • ICSEA 2023, The Eighteenth International Conference on Software Engineering Advances
  • ICSNC 2023, The Eighteenth International Conference on Systems and Networks Communications
  • CENTRIC 2023, The Sixteenth International Conference on Advances in Human-oriented and Personalized Mechanisms, Technologies, and Services
  • VALID 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advances in System Testing and Validation Lifecycle
  • SIMUL 2023, The Fifteenth International Conference on Advances in System Simulation
  • SOTICS 2023, The Thirteenth International Conference on Social Media Technologies, Communication, and Informatics
  • INNOV 2023, The Twelfth International Conference on Communications, Computation, Networks and Technologies
  • HEALTHINFO 2023, The Eighth International Conference on Informatics and Assistive Technologies for Health-Care, Medical Support and Wellbeing

IARIA Congress 2023, The 2023 IARIA Annual Congress on Frontiers in Science, Technology, Services, and Applications
November 13, 2023 to November 17, 2023 - Valencia, Spain



ThinkMind // UBICOMM 2010, The Fourth International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies

Type: conference

Download: UBICOMM 2010 cover page

Download: UBICOMM 2010 foreword page

Download: UBICOMM 2010 committee page

Download: UBICOMM 2010 table of contents

Download: UBICOMM 2010 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Jaime Lloret Mauri, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
Sergey Balandin, FRUCT, Finland
Cosmin Dini, UHA, France

Event editions: - there are 13 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4278

ISBN: 978-1-61208-100-7

Location: Florence, Italy

Dates: from October 25, 2010 to October 30, 2010

Articles: there are 83 articles

An Application for Protecting Personal Information on Social Networking Websites
Mehmet Erkan Yüksel and Asim Sinan Yüksel
keywords: social networking websites; clustering; sharing information; protecting privacy; graph database

Improvement of Channel Decoding using Block Cypher
Natasa Zivic and Ayyaz Mahmood
keywords: Advanced Encryption Standard, Cryptography, Concatenated Codes, Soft Input Decryption, Encryption, Maximum A Posteriori Probability (MAP)

Distortion Free Steganographic System Based on Genetic Algorithm
Hesham El Zouka
keywords: Security; Watermarking; Steganography; Information Hiding; Genetic Algorithm

Optimal Activation of Intrusion Detection Agents for Wireless Sensor Networks
Yulia Ponomarchuk and Dae-Wha Seo
keywords: wireless sensor networks; anomaly detection; intrusion detection system; Ising model

GeCSen -? A Generic and Cross-Platform Sensor Framework for LocON
Mitch De Coster, Steven Mattheussen, Martin Klepal, Maarten Weyn, and Glenn Ergeerts
keywords: monitoring, localisation, embedded devices, smartphone, sensors, locon, cross-platform

Securing Off-Card Contract-Policy Matching in Security-By-Contract for Multi-Application Smart Cards
Nicola Dragoni, Eduardo Lostal, Davide Papini, and Javier Fabra
keywords: Multi-Application Smart Cards; Security; Contract Matching

MagiSign: User Identification/Authentication Based on 3D Around Device Magnetic Signatures
Hamed Ketabdar, Kamer Ali Yüksel Kamer Ali Yüksel, Amirhossein Jahnbekam, Mehran Roshandel, and Daria Skirpo
keywords: Identification/Authentication, 3D Magnetic Signature, Around Device Interaction, Magnet, Embedded Magnetic (Compass) Sensor.

Classification of Mobile P2P Malware Based on Propagation Behaviour
Muhammad Adeel, Laurissa Tokarchuk, and Muhammad Awais Azam
keywords: Mobile P2P; Malware classification; Behaviour identification; Mobile malware families

Link Stability in MANETs Routing Protocols
Crescenzio Gallo, Michele Perilli, and Michelangelo De Bonis
keywords: MANET, routing protocol, link stability

A Device-aware Spatial 3D Visualization Platform for Mobile Urban Exploration
Matthias Baldauf and Przemyslaw Musialski
keywords: 3D visualization; mobile rendering; location-based service; device-awareness

QoS Aware Mixed Traffic Packet Scheduling in OFDMA-based LTE-Advanced Networks
Rehana Kausar, Yue Chen, Kok Keong Chai, Laurie Cuthbert, and John Schormans
keywords: Packet scheduling; OFDMA; QoS; LTE-A.

M2Learn Open Framework: Developing Mobile Collaborative and Social Applications
Sergio Martin, Gabriel Diaz, Elio Sancristobal, Rosario Gil, Manuel Castro, Juan Peire, and Ivica Boticki
keywords: mobile learning; collaborative learning; M2Learn framework; microblogging

Next Generation Network Architecture for Integration of Wireless Access Networks
Fazal Wahab Karam and Terje Jensen
keywords: NGN; WLAN; WiMax; UMTS; LTE; QoS; IEEE 802.21 MIHF; interworking; domain coupling.

A Mobile Internet Service Consistency Framework
Yangyi Wen, Chunhong Zhang, Yabo Du, and Yang Ji
keywords: Internet service consistency; service consistency framework; inter-terminal

Design and Development of an Interoperation Framework in a Smart Space Using OSGi
Soma Bandyopadhyay and Naga Kiran Guddanti
keywords: Ubiquitous computing; Home gateway; OSGi; Smart sapce; Interoperation.

Particularized Cost Model for Data Mining Algorithms
Andrea Zanda
keywords: ubiquitous, data mining, cost model, algorithm

Bluetooth and filesystem to manage a ubiquitous mesh network
Nicola Corriero, Emanuele Covino, Giovanni Pani, and Eustrat Zhupa
keywords: Ubiquitous mesh; ad-hoc networks; sensor networks; bluetooth; tracking

A Mobile Knowledge-Based System for On-Board Diagnostics and Car Driving Assistance
Michele Ruta, Floriano Scioscia, Filippo Gramegna, and Eugenio Di Sciascio
keywords: Semantic Web; On Board Diagnostics; Ubiquitous Computing; Data Fusion; Intelligent Transportation Systems

Wireless service developing for ubiquitous computing environments using J2ME technologies
José Miguel Rubio and Claudio Cubillos
keywords: ubiquitous computing; wireless services; service discovering; bluetooth; mobility

Generating Modest High-Level Ontology Libraries for Smart-M3
Dmitry Korzun, Alexandr Lomov, Pavel Vanag, Jukka Honkola, and Sergey Balandin
keywords: Smart spaces; Smart-M3; OWL/RDF ontology; code generator; knowledge processor; low-performance devices

Experimental Comparison of Frequency Hopping Techniques for 802.15.4-based Sensor Networks
Luca Stabellini and Mohammad Mohsen Parhizkar
keywords: Frequency Hopping; Adaptive Frequency Hopping; Interference Mitigation; Coexistence in Unlicensed Bands; Wireless Sensor Networks;

Impact of the Parameterization of IEEE 802.15.4 Medium Access Layer on the Consumption of ZigBee Sensor Motes
Eduardo Casilari and Jose M. Cano-García
keywords: 802.15.4, ZigBee, Battery Consumption, Sensor Networks

Game Theory based Dynamic RRM for Reconfigurable WiMAX/WLAN System
Ognen Ognenoski and Liljana Gavrilovska
keywords: Game theory; Reconfigurable systems; RRM

A Beacon Cluster-Tree Construction Approach For ZigBee/IEEE802.15.4 Networks
Mohammed Ikbal Benakila, Laurent George, and Smain Femmam
keywords: EEE 802.15.4; Beacon mode; Beacon frame ; scheduling; SuperFrame scheduling; Cluster-Tree.

Modelling Energy Consumption for RF control Modules
Baris Orhan, Engin Karatepe, and Radosveta Sokullu
keywords: energy consumption, node lifetime, semi markov chains, RF4CE

DS-CDMA receiver in Software Defined Radio technology
Wojciech Siwicki and Jacek Stefanski
keywords: Software Defined Radio; SDR; RAKE; DS-CDMA; phase correction

Resource Allocation of Adaptive Subcarrier Block with Frequency Symbol Spreading for OFDMA
Chang-Jun Ahn, Tatsuya Omori, and Ken-ya Hashimoto
keywords: OFDMA; Frequency Symbol Spreading; Minimum Mean Square Error Combining (MMSEC)

IMS Signalling in LTE-based Femtocell Network
Melvi Ulvan, Ardian Ulvan, and Robert Bestak
keywords: Femtocell, IMS Signalling, 3GPP LTE, SIP

A Solution for Seamless Video Delivery in WLAN/3G Networks
Claudio de Castro Monteiro and Paulo Roberto de Lira Gondim
keywords: Video, 3G, WLAN, Handover, Proxy

REST-based Meta Web Services in Mobile Application Frameworks
Daniel Sonntag, Daniel Porta, and Jochen Setz
keywords: Multimodal Dialogue, Application Backend, REST Services

Evaluation of theWireless Network used by a Tour Guide in a Cultural Environment
Ricardo Tesoriero, José Antonio Gallud, María Dolores Lozano, Víctor Manuel Penichet, and Habib Moussa Fardoun
keywords: Wi-Fi;Human-Computer Interaction; Mobile applications

Mobile Services and Applications: Towards a Balanced Adoption Model
Krassie Petrova and Stephen MacDonell
keywords: mobile services; adoption; mobile commerce; quality of service expectations; lifestyle requirements; mCommerce

Improved Spatial and Temporal Mobility Metrics for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Elmano Cavalcanti and Marco Spohn
keywords: ad hoc network; mobility metric; spatial dependence; temporal dependence

A Heap-based P2P Topology and Dynamic Resource Location Policy for Process Migration in Mobile Clusters
Yusuf Mohamadi Begum and Mulk Abdul Maluk Mohamed
keywords: DHT; load balancing; mobile cluster; P2P networks; process migration

EaST: Earth Seismic Tomographer
Ida Bifulco, Rita Francese, Ignazio Passero, and Genoveffa Tortora
keywords: Smart Devices, Earthquakes, Seismic Tomography, Accelerometer Sensing, Neural Networks

MMSP: Designing a Novel Micro Mobility Sensor Protocol for Ubiquitous Communication
Dhananjay Singh and Daeyeoul Kim
keywords: Mobility; IP-USN; AODV; Routing; Global communication.

Handover Scenario and Procedure in LTE-based Femtocell Networks
Ardian Ulvan, Robert Bestak, and Melvi Ulvan
keywords: handover; femtocell; 3GPP-LTE; reactive handover; proactive handover.

The Collaborative Gaming for Business in Pervasive Networks
Kazuhiko Shibuya
keywords: Collaborative Learning, Gaming, Organizational Development in Business, Ubiquitous Computation

On-the-Fly Ontology Matching for Smart M3-based Smart Spaces
Sergey Balandin, Ian Oliver, Sergey Boldyrev, Alexander Smirnov, Alexey Kashevnik, and Nikolay Shilov
keywords: Smart spaces; ontology matching; semantic similarity; semantic interoperability; Smart-M3

Mobile Augmented Reality System for Interacting with Ubiquitous Information
Andriamasinoro Rahajaniaina and Jean-Pierre Jessel
keywords: Ubiquitous collaborative computing; mobile collaborative augmented reality; distributed Geographical Information System

Performance Analysis of Receive Collaboration in TDMA-based Wireless Sensor Networks
Behnam Banitalebi, Stephan Sigg, and Michael Beigl
keywords: receive collaboration; wireless sensor network; channel equalization; TDMA

Anonymous Agents Coordination in Smart Spaces
Sergey Balandin, Ian Oliver, Sergey Boldyrev, Alexander Smirnov, Alexey Kashevnik, and Nikolay Shilov
keywords: Smart Spaces; Use cases for consumer electronics; Smart-M3; Agents coordination; Shared information; Anonymous agents.

Coordination and Control in Mobile Ubiquitous Computing Applications Using Law Governed Interaction
Rishabh Dudheria, Wade Trappe, and Naftaly Minsky
keywords: Law Governed Interaction; ad hoc coordination; decentralized enforcement; security

Case Study of the OMiSCID Middleware: Wizard of Oz Experiment in Smart Environments
Rémi Barraquand, Dominique Vaufreydaz, Rémi Emonet, and Jean-Pascal Mercier
keywords: Service Oriented Architecture, Ubiquitous Computing, Middleware, Wizard Of Oz, Smart Environments.

SmartBuilding: a People-to-People-to-Geographical-Places Mobile System based on Augmented Reality
Andrea De Lucia, Rita Francese, Ignazio Passero, and Tortora Genoveffa
keywords: Augmented Reality; mobile user interfaces; context-awareness; People-to-People-to-Geographical-Places systems

Network Architectures for Ubiquitous Home Services
Warodom Werapun, Julien Fasson, and Beatrice Paillassa
keywords: home network, network architecture, home services, P2P, IMS, SIP

The QoE-oriented Heterogeneous Network Selection Based on Fuzzy AHP Methodology
Dong-ming Shen
keywords: QoE; heterogeneous; network selection; fuzzy AHP; consistency

EAP-Kerberos: Leveraging the Kerberos Credential Caching Mechanism for Faster Re-authentications in Wireless Access Networks
Saber Zrelli, Nobuo Okabe, and Yoichi Shinoda
keywords: Wireless; Authentication; Handoff; Performance

A One-Shot Dynamic Optimization Methodology for Wireless Sensor Networks
Arslan Munir, Ann Gordon-Ross, Susan Lysecky, and Roman Lysecky
keywords: Wireless sensor networks; dynamic optimization; application metric estimation

BeAware: A Framework for Residential Services on Energy Awareness
Christoffer Björkskog, Giulio Jacucci, Topi Mikkola, Massimo Bertoncini, Luciano Gamberini, Carin Torstensson, Tatu Nieminen, Luigi Briguglio, Pasquale Andriani, and Giampaolo Fiorentino
keywords: Ubiquitous services, Energy Awareness, Monitoring sensing

Acceptance Models for the Analysis of RFID
Markus Haushahn, Michael Amberg, and Krzysztof Malowaniec
keywords: acceptance analysis; RFID; ubiquitous computing

System Architecture for Mobile-phone-readable RF Memory Tags
Iiro Jantunen, Jyri Hämäläinen, Timo Korhonen, Harald Kaaja, Joni Jantunen, and Sergey Boldyrev
keywords: Memory architecture; Multimedia systems; RFID; telephone sets; RF memory tags

Performance Comparison of Video Traffic Over WLAN IEEE 802.11e and IEEE 802.11n
Teuku Yuliar Arif and Riri Fitri Sari
keywords: Performance Comparison; 802.11e; 802.11n; Throughput

Towards Self-Adaptable, Scalable, Dependable and Energy Efficient Networks: The Self-Growing Concept
Nancy Alonistioti, Andreas Merentitis, Makis Stamatelatos, Egon Schulz, Chan Zhou, George Koudouridis, Bernd Bochow, Mario Schuster, Piet Demeester, Pieter Ballon, Simon Delaere, Markus Mueck, Christian Drewes, Liesbet Van der Perre, Jeroen Declerck, Tim Lewis, and Ioannis Chochliouros
keywords: self-adaptation; cooperation, distributed systems; low energy

Optimum Cluster Size for Cluster-Based Communication in Wireless Sensor Network
Goutam Chakraborty
keywords: Sensor nodes' power decay; Constrained optimization problem; Linear programming;

Cooperative Communication to Improve Reliability and Efficient Neighborhood Wakeup in Wireless Sensor Networks
Rana Azeem M. Khan and Holger Karl
keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks; Media Access Control; Cooperative Communication; Reliability.

Topological Cluster-based Geographic Routing in Multihop Ad Hoc Networks
Emi Mathews and Hannes Frey
keywords: geographic routing; multi-hop clustering; overlay graph; graph planarization; location fault tolerance.

Optimizing Parameters of Prioritized Data Reduction in Sensor Networks
Cosmin Dini and Pascal Lorenz
keywords: sensor, data management, data sensor storage, data priority optimized parameters, prediction models

Is the Mashup Technology Mature for its Application in an Institutional Website?
Serena Pastore
keywords: Mashup applications; web widgets; website platform; XML formats; CMS technology; Web 2.0 tools

Building the Web of Things with WS-BPEL and Visual Tags
Antonio Pintus, Davide Carboni, Andrea Piras, and Alessandro Giordano
keywords: Ubiquitous computing, Web services, Web of Things, SOA

Integrated E-Learning Web Services
Alina Andreica, Florina Covaci, Daniel Stuparu, Arpad Imre, and Gabriel Pop
keywords: web services; system integration; database synchronization; e-learning services

From Heterogeneous Sensor Sources to Location-Based Information
Mareike Kritzler and Andreas Müller
keywords: Tracking, Sensors, LBS, Georeferencing

Modeling Unified Interaction for Communication Service Integration
Juwel Rana, Johan Kristiansson, and Kåre Synnes
keywords: interaction patterns; social networks; communication services; communication pattern discovery

Using Context-aware Workflows for Failure Management in a Smart Factory
Matthias Wieland, Frank Leymann, Michael Schäfer, Dominik Lucke, Carmen Constantinescu, and Engelbert Westkämper
keywords: context-awareness; context models; workflow systems; human tasks; production environments; humane system design; mobile applications; ubiquitous computing

Tangible Applications for Regular Objects: An End-User Model for Pervasive Computing at Home
Spyros Lalis, Jaroslaw Domaszewicz, Aleksander Pruszkowski, Tomasz Paczesny, Mikko Ala-Louko, Markus Taumberger, Giorgis Georgakoudis, and Kostas Lekkas
keywords: Sensor and actuator networks, ubiquitous and pervasive computing, smart homes, system and application management, user interaction, tangible interfaces

Continuous Gesture Recognition for Resource Constrained Smart Objects
Bojan Milosevic, Elisabetta Farella, and Luca Benini
keywords: Hidden Markov Models; Tangible Interfaces; Smart Objects; Gesture Recognition; Fixed Point

SIREN: Mediated Informal Communication for Serendipity
Nikolaos Batalas, Hester Bruikman, Dominika Turzynska, Vanesa Vakili, Natalia Voynarovskaya, and Panos Markopoulos
keywords: human-centered computing; wireless sensor net- works; serendipity

Dynamic Object Binding for Opportunistic Localisation
Isabelle De Cock, Willy Loockx, Martin Klepal, and Maarten Weyn
keywords: object binding; opportunistic localisation; Bluetooth

Push-Delivery Personalized Recommendations for Mobile Users
Quang Nhat Nguyen and Phai Minh Hoang
keywords: mobile recommender system; push delivery; context-aware mobile application

m-Physio: Personalized Accelerometer-based Physical Rehabilitation Platform
Ivan Raso, Ramon Hervas, and Jose Bravo
keywords: ubiquitous computing; accelerometry; physical-rehabilitation; mobility

The Importance of Context Towards Mobile Services Adoption
Shang Gao and John Krogstie
keywords: Context; Mobile Services Adoption

Human Behaviour Detection Using GSM Location Patterns and Bluetooth Proximity Data
Muhammad Awais Azam, Laurissa Tokarchuk, and Muhammad Adeel
keywords: Behaviour; Cell tower ID; Bluetooth proximity; Neural Network; Jaccard Index

Towards Radio Localisation of Running Athletes
Lawrence Cheng, Gregor Kuntze, Huiling Tan, Stephen Hailes, David G. Kerwin, and Alan Wilson
keywords: Application; athletes; localisation; sports; ubiquitous sensing.

Experience and Vision of Open Innovations in Russia and Baltic Region: the FRUCT Program
Sergey Balandin
keywords: Open Innovations; FRUCT; Industry-to-Academia; R&D cooperation; new trends in innovations; Russia-Finland partnering; Russia-Baltic cooperation

Tracking Recurrent Concepts Using Context in Memory-constrained Devices
João Bártolo Gomes, Ernestina Menasalvas, and Pedro Alexandre Sousa
keywords: Ubiquitous Knowledge Discovery, Data Stream Mining, Concept Drift, Recurring Concepts, Context-awareness, Resource-awareness

Modeling and Analysing Ubiquitous Systems Using MDE Approach
Amara Touil, Jean Vareille, Fred Lherminier, and Philippe Le Parc
keywords: Domain Specific Language, Model Driven Engineering, Analysis, Telecontrol Systems

Information Dissemination in WSNs Applied to Physical Phenomena Tracking
María Ángeles Serna, Eva María García, Aurelio Bermúdez, and Rafael Casado
keywords: sensor networks; dissemination; performance evaluation

Semantic P2P Overlay for Dynamic Context Lookup
Shubhabrata Sen, Wenwei Xue, Hung Keng Pung, and Wai Choong Wong
keywords: context-awareness; context-aware middleware; operating spaces; semantic peer-to-peer overlays

Exploring Techniques for Monitoring Electric Power Consumption in Households
Manyazewal Fitta, Solomon Biza, Matti Lehtonen, Tatu Nieminen, and Giulio Jacucci
keywords: ubiquitous computing; load monitoring; fingerprinting; pattern recognition; energy awareness

Extending a Middleware for Pervasive Computing to Programmable Task Management in an Environment of Personalized Clinical Activities
Giuliano Ferreira, Iara Augustin, Giovani Rubert Librelotto, Fabio Lorenzi Silva, Alencar Machado, and Adenauer Correa Yamin
keywords: Ubiquitous Computing; middleware; daily activities oriented computing; end-user programming; clinical activities.

The Economic Impact of IPTV Deployment in the European Countries: An Input-Output Approach
Ibrahim Kholilul Rohman
keywords: IPTV; investment; input-output

Design and Implementation of Edge Detection and Contrast Enhancement Algorithms Using Pulse-Domain Techniques
Fatemeh Taherian, Davud Asemani, and Elham Kermani
keywords: pulse frequency modulation (PFM); suppression; promotion; digital image processing

Inter and Intra-Video Navigation and Retrieval in Mobile Terminals
Andrei Bursuc, Titus Zaharia, and Françoise Preteux
keywords: video indexing, video search engines, user interfaces, MPEG-7 standard, visual descriptors, description schemes.

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