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ThinkMind // International Journal On Advances in Systems and Measurements, volume 2, number 1, 2009

Type: journal

Notes: A free access journal featuring works submitted on an invitation basis only.

Event editions: - there are 15 editions.

ISSN: 1942-261x

Articles: there are 11 articles

The Sampling Theorem for Finite Duration Signals
Subhendu Das, Nirode Mohanty, and Avtar Singh
keywords: Sampling methods, Communication, Linear system, Wavelet transform, Modulation

DVB-H Field Measurement and Data Analysis Method
Jyrki T.J. Penttinen
keywords: DVB-H, mobile broadcast, radio network planning, network performance evaluation.

On distributed SLA monitoring and enforcement in service-oriented systems
Nicolas Repp, Dieter Schuller, Melanie Siebenhaar, André Miede, Michael Niemann, and Ralf Steinmetz
keywords: Monitoring; SLA enforcement; Location strategies; Service-oriented Architectures

System-on-Chip Implementation of Neural Network Training on FPGA
Ramón J. Aliaga, Rafael Gadea, Ricardo J. Colom, José M. Monzó,, Christoph W. Lerche, and Jorge D. Martínez
keywords: artificial neural networks (ANN), backpropagation, field-programmable gate array (FPGA), multilayer perceptron (MLP), system-on-chip (SoC).

Modified SRF-QRD-LSL Adaptive Algorithm with Improved Numerical Robustness
Constantin Paleologu, Felix Albu, Andrei Alexandru Enescu, and Silviu Ciochină
keywords: Adaptive filters, echo cancellation, fixed-point arithmetic, logarithmic number system (LNS), QR-decomposition-based least-squares lattice (QRD-LSL).

Temperature Distribution Analysis of Ultrasound Therapy Transducers by Using the Thermochromatic Liquid Crystal Technique
G. A. López and A. Valentino
keywords: image processing, ultrasound, thermochromic liquid crystal

A Cross-layer Mechanism Based on Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for Service Continuity of Real-Time Applications
Luis Rojas Cardenas, Mohammed Boutabia, and Hossam Afifi
keywords: mobility; cross-layer; real-time; DHCP

Retrieving Information from Hybrid Spaces Using Handhelds
Spyros Veronikis, Dimitris Gavrilis, Kyriaki Zoutsou, and Christos Papatheodorou
keywords: evaluation; library service; mobile and ubiquitous computing; personal digital assistant (PDA)

Performance of Spectral Amplitude Warp based WDFTC in a Noisy Phoneme and Word Recognition Tasks
R. Muralishankar and H. N. Shankar
keywords: Robustness, Speech recognition, Warped Discrete Fourier Transform, Cepstrum, WDFTC, PMVDR, Spectral AmplitudeWarping, WDFTC SAW

Fairness index in single and double star Networks
Marc Gilg, Abderrahim Makhlouf, and Pascal Lorenz
keywords: fairness, networks, star network, simulations

Assurance-driven design in Problem Oriented Engineering
Jon G. Hall and Lucia Rapanotti
keywords: Dependability, Software Engineering, Assurance Case, Problem Oriented Engineering, Engineering Design

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