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ThinkMind // SENSORCOMM 2013, The Seventh International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications

Type: conference

Download: SENSORCOMM 2013 cover page

Download: SENSORCOMM 2013 foreword page

Download: SENSORCOMM 2013 committee page

Download: SENSORCOMM 2013 table of contents

Download: SENSORCOMM 2013 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Sergey Yurish, IFSA - Barcelona, Spain
Muhammad Shakeel Virk, Narvik University College, Norway

Event editions: - there are 11 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4405

ISBN: 978-1-61208-296-7

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Dates: from August 25, 2013 to August 31, 2013

Articles: there are 43 articles

Techniques for Increasing Network Functionality while Remaining within Legal Maximum TX Duty Cycle Requirements
Eoin O'Connell, Victor Cionca, and Brendan O'Flynn
keywords: 868MHz limitations, Duty Cycle, Low Power, WSN, Multi-Hop

Unidirectional Link Triangle Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks
Reinhardt Karnapke and Jörg Nolte
keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks; Routing Protocols; Unidirectional Links

Combined Time Synchronization and Efficient Data Gathering for Wireless Sensor Networks. Application to Micaz® motes
Jérôme Mathieu, Vincent Boudet, Sylvain Durand, and Jérôme Palaysi
keywords: Synchronization; Efficient data gathering; Wireless sensor networks; Micaz

A Scalable Localization Scheme using Particle Swarm Approach for Sensor Networks
Pei-Hsuan Tsai, Chun-Lung Lin, Ching-Yi Chen, and Jia-Shung Wang
keywords: wireless sensor networks; localization; grid coordinate system

Implementation of Controlled Sink Mobility Strategies with a Gradient Field in Wireless Sensor Networks
Shinya Toyonaga, Yuki Fujita, Daichi Kominami, and Masayuki Murata
keywords: mobile sink; controlled mobility; sensor network.

A 169 MHz Wireless M-BUS Based Advanced Meter Infraestructure for Smart Metering
Maykel Alonso-Arce, Paul Bustamante, Gonzalo Solas, and Javier Añorga
keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, Advanced Metering Infraestrucutre (AMI), wireless M-Bus, Cloud Computing service

Transceiver-power Control for 802.15.4a UWB-IR Ranging in the Presence of Multipath Propagation
Tingcong Ye, Brendan O’Flynn, Michael Walsh, and Cian O’Mathuna
keywords: 802.15.4a UWB-IR, Transceiver-power Control, Ranging, Multipath Propagation

MDS-based Algorithm for Nodes Localization in 3D Surface Sensor Networks
Biljana Risteska Stojkoska and Danco Davcev
keywords: wireless sensor networks; multidimensional scaling; 3D surface localization; nodes positioning.

A Pre-Detection Query Tree Tag Anti-Collision Scheme in RFID Systems
Chiu-Kuo Liang, Yuan-Cheng Chien, and Chih-Hung Tsai
keywords: Tag anti-collision; hybrid query tree; pre-detection query tree

Passive SAW Based RFID Systems Finding Their Way to Harsh Environment Applications
Alfred Binder, Gudrun Bruckner, and Jochen Bardong
keywords: Passive SAW transponders, SAW RFID system, harsh environment, wireless sensor

Advanced Metering and Data Access Infrastructures in Smart Grid Environments
Armin Veichtlbauer, Dominik Engel, Fabian Knirsch, Oliver Langthaler, and Felix Moser
keywords: Advanced Metering Infrastructures; Smart Grids; Role-based Data Access; User Control; Generic Interfaces

Anchor-free Localization in Wireless Lamp Networks using Superimposed RSSI Measurements
Alexandru Caracas, Thomas Eirich, Thorsten Kramp, Marcus Oestreicher, Moritz Hoffman, Claudio Gargiulo, and Gabor Soros
keywords: RSSI-based localization, multi-antenna, multi-channel, wireless lighting

A Smart City-Smart Bay Project - Establishing an Integrated Water Monitoring System for Decision Support in Dublin Bay
Fiona Regan, Dian Zhang, Timothy Sullivan, Ciprian Briciu, Helen Cooney, Kevin Murphy, Edel O'Connor, Noel O'Connor, and Alan Smeaton
keywords: Continuous water monitoring; estuary; marine; decision support; turbidity; salinity.

Node Mobility Scheme for IP and Non-IP Wireless Personal Area Network Nodes using 6LoWPAN
Gopinath Rao Sinniah, Zeldi Suryady Kamalurradat, Usman Sarwar, and Kar Hoey Teo
keywords: Mobile IPv6; Network Mobility; Proxy based Mobile IPv6; Wireless Personal Area Network; 6LoWPAN

New Architecture for Efficient Data Sampling in Wireless Sensor Network Devices
Jerker Delsing, Johan Borg, and Jonny Johansson
keywords: WSN sensing; WSN node architecture; wireless sensor network node.

Energy Evaluations for Wireless IPv6 Sensor Nodes
Cedric Chauvenet, Bernard Tourancheau, and Denis Genon Catalot
keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Energy Optimiza- tion, Energy Measurement, RPL, IPv6, PLC

A Time-Domain Based Lossless Data Compression Technique for Wireless Wearable Biometric Devices
Chengliang Dai and Christopher Bailey
keywords: Wearable device; Bioelectric data; Lossless compression technique; Power consumption

Data Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks using Fuzzy Set Theory
Ali Berrached and Andre de Korvin
keywords: wireless sensor networks; data fusion; data aggregation.

An Energy Consumption Model for a WSN Node based Solely on the Duty Cycle.
José M. Alcalá, Victor Cionca, Michael Hayes, Brendan O'Flynn, and Álvaro Hernández
keywords: wireless sensor networks; energy consumption model; energy harvesting; efficient energy; duty cycle; WSN applications

A New Clustering Algorithm in WSN Based on Spectral Clustering and Residual Energy
Ali Jorio, Sanaa El fkihi, Brahim Elbhiri, and Driss Aboutajdine
keywords: Clustering; Graph theory; Spectral classification; Energy consumption.

Energy-Efficient Posture Classification with Filtered Sensed Data from A Single 3-Axis Accelerometer Deployed in WSN
Laurentiu Hinoveanu, Jacek Lewandowski, Xiang Fei, Hisbel Arochena, Partheepan Kandaswamy, and Zhipeng Dai
keywords: Wireless Sensor Network; classification; Artificial Neural Network; Naive Bayes classifier; K-Nearest- Neighbours

Sum Minimum Cost Link Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Noureddine Assad, Brahim Elbhiri, Sanaa El Fkihi, My Ahmed Faqihi, Mohamed Ouadou, and Driss Aboutajdine
keywords: WSN; Event detection probability; Route selection; Energy Consumption

IEEE802.15.4 Performance in Various WSNs Applications
Marwa Salayma, Wail Mardini, Yaser Khamayseh, and Muneer Bani Yassein
keywords: Wireless sensor networks; IEEE802.15.4; Beacon enabled; Arrival rate; Superframe structure; Energy consumption

Challenges in Securing Wireless Sensor Networks
Hesham El Zouka
keywords: Security; Authentication; Routing; Energy efficient; Energy conserving; Agent based architecture

The Cloning Attack Vulnerability in WSN Key Management Schemes
Othmane Nait Hamoud, Tayeb Kenaza, and Nadia Nouali-Taboudjmat
keywords: WSNs; key management scheme; cloning attack;

A Formal Method for the Evaluation of Component-based Embedded Systems: Application to Technical Choices for CSTBox Toolkit
Daniel Cheung-Foo-Wo and Eric Pascual
keywords: soft real-time constraints; OSGi; D-Bus; sensor network data processing measurement;

Environmental Monitoring based on Wireless Sensor Network via Mobile Phone
Laura Margarita Rodríguez Peralta, Andrea Maria Mendes de Abreu, and Lina Maria Pestana Leão de Brito
keywords: wireless sensor networks; mobile applications; environmental monitoring; preventive artwork conservation

Smart Shopping Cart for Automated Billing Purpose using Wireless Sensor Networks
Udita Gangwal, Sanchita Roy, and Jyotsna Bapat
keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks; broad area WSN; Smart Shopping Cart; Load cell; Image comparison algorithm

Activity Recognition Using Wearable Sensors for Healthcare
Annapurna Soumya Evani, Bharadwaj Sreenivasan, Shruti Sudesh Joshi, Monika Prakash, and Jyotsna Bapat
keywords: Healthcare; activity recognition; flex sensor; wireless sensor networks

Proposed Middleware for Sensor Networks in Cyber-Physical System Environments
Jorge R. Garay, Alexandre M. de Oliveira, and Sergio Kofuji
keywords: Middleware; CPS; WSN; Service Design Patterns; Object Design Pattern.

Lensless Ultra-Miniature CMOS Computational Imagers and Sensors
David Stork and Patrick Gill
keywords: Computational sensing, phase grating, diffractive imager application-specific sensing

Atmospheric Icing Sensors – An Insight
Umair Najeeb Mughal and Muhammad Shakeel Virk
keywords: Atmospheric Ice; Capacitive; Dielectric; Direct Measurement; Microwave; Resonance; Ultrasonic

A Domain-Specific Platform for Research in Environmental Wireless Sensor Networks
Sebastian Bader, Matthias Krämer, and Bengt Oelmann
keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, Sensor Node Platform, Environmental Monitoring, Domain-specific Design

The Novel Microhotplate: A Design Featuring Ultra High Temperature, Ultra Low Thermal Stress, Low Power Consumption and Small Response Time
Hasan Göktaş and Mona Zaghloul
keywords: Microhotplate; ultra high temperature; ultra-low thermal stress; low power consumption; small thermal response time.

A Miniaturized 4-Channel, 2KSa/sec Biosignal Data Recorder With 3-Axis Accelerometer and Infra-red Timestamp Function
Jim Austin, Chris Bailey, Anthony Moulds, Garry Hollier, Michael Freeman, Gernot Riedel, Alex Fargus, Thomas Lampert, and Bettina Platt
keywords: Neurophysiology; EEG Recorder; Bio-signal sensors; Medical sensors

Multi Sensor Atmospheric Icing Station Performance in Cold Climate- A Case Study
Muhammad Virk, Taimur Rashid, Umair Mughal, Kamran Zaman, and Mohamed Mustafa
keywords: atmospheric icing; sensors; operation; performance; cold region.

Early-Warning System for Machine Failures: Self-sufficient Radio Sensor Systems for Wireless Condition Monitoring
Michael Niedermayer, Stephan Benecke, Rainer Wirth, Axel Haubold, Eduard Armbruster, and Klaus-Dieter Lang
keywords: Energy Harvesting; Condition Monitoring; Machine Diagnosis; Wireless Sensor Networks

Animal Sensor Networks: Animal Welfare Under Arctic Conditions
Mohamad Y. Mustafa, Inger Hansen, and Svein Eilertsen
keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN); Animal Sensor Networks (ASN); RFID; Wi-Fi Enabled RFID; ZigBee

Fuzzy/PSO BasedWashout Filter for Inertial Stimuli Restitution in Flight Simulation
Mohamed Guiatni, Khaled Fellah, and Yacine Morsly
keywords: Inertial stimuli; flight simulation; washout filter; fuzzy logic; particle swarm optimization.

Real-Time Underwater Communication Technique for Energy Efficient Ocean Monitoring
Ranjitha Parameshwaraiah, Ramya Ramesh, and Narendra Kumar Gurumurthy
keywords: Underwater Ad-hoc Networks (UANET’s); Un- derwater Sensor Networks (UWSN); Solar-Powered Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (SAUV); Acoustic Communication; Under- water Acoustic Sensor Networks (UW-ASN); Geographic Adaptive Fidelity (GAF) Protocol; Kong Wobbl

Ocean Space Surveillance - Network Beployment Based on Hydrodynamic Modeling
Tor Arne Reinen, Dag Slagstad, Morten Omholt Alver, and Knut Grythe
keywords: hydrodynamic modeling; underwater acoustic network; network deployment; ray tracing

A Low Cost Turbidity Sensor Development
Sandra Sendra, Lorena Parra, Vicente Ortuño, and Jaime Lloret
keywords: Turbidity; turbidity optical sensors; low cost sensor.

Two New Sensors Based on the Changes of the Electromagnetic Field to Measure the Water Conductivity
Lorena Parra, Vicente Ortuño, Sandra Sendra, and Jaime Lloret
keywords: conductivity; solenoid; copper coils; magnetic field; salinity.

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