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ThinkMind // ICN 2014, The Thirteenth International Conference on Networks

Type: conference

Download: ICN 2014 cover page

Download: ICN 2014 foreword page

Download: ICN 2014 committee page

Download: ICN 2014 table of contents

Download: ICN 2014 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Tibor Gyires, Illinois State University, USA
Carlos Becker Westphall, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
György Kálmán, ABB Corporate Research, Norway

Event editions: - there are 11 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4413

ISBN: 978-1-61208-318-6

Location: Nice, France

Dates: from February 23, 2014 to February 27, 2014

Articles: there are 45 articles

The Choice of VoIP Codec for Mobile Devices
Kamiar Radnosrati, Dmitri Moltchanov, and Yevgeni Koucheryavy
keywords: VoIP, energy conservation, codec, perceived quality

Hybrid Cognitive Approach for Femtocell Interference Mitigation
Pavel Mach and Zdenek Becvar
keywords: interference mitigation; femtocell; cognitive capabilities; sensing; power control

An Inter-domain Route Maintenance Scheme Based on Autonomous Clustering for Heterogeneous Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Keisei Okano, Tomoyuki Ohta, and Yoshiaki Kakuda
keywords: Ad hoc network; Autonomous Clustering

A Mobile Agent-based Service Collection and Dissemination Scheme for Heterogeneous Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Shuhei Ishizuka, Tomoyuki Ohta, and Yoshiaki Kakuda
keywords: Ad hoc network; Service information; Mobile agent

A Bio-Inspired Transmit Power Control Algorithm for Linear Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
Hyun-Ho Choi and Jung-Ryun Lee
keywords: transmit power control; bio-inspired algorithm; flocking algorithm; end-to-end rate maximization; multi-hop network

Tree Structured Group ID-Based Routing Method for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Hiroaki Yagi, Eitaro Kohno, and Yoshiaki Kakuda
keywords: Tree structured group ID; Mobile ad hoc networks; Bottom-up ID re-assignment

Routing Algorithm for Automatic Metering of Waterworks Data
Gang-Wook Shin, Ho-Hyun Lee, Sung-Taek Hong, and Jae-Rheen Yang
keywords: Water data, automatic metering, meter reading system

MLSD: A Network Topology Discovery Protocol for Infrastructure Wireless Mesh Networks
Daniel Porto and Gledson Elias
keywords: wireless mesh networks; routing protocols; link-state protocols

Coverage and Lifetime Optimization in Heterogeneous Energy Wireless Sensor Networks
Ali Kadhum Idrees, Karine Deschinkel, Michel Salomon, and Raphaël Couturier
keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks; Area Coverage; Network Lifetime; Optimization; Scheduling.

MH-LEACH: A Distributed Algorithm for Multi-Hop Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks
José Neto, Antoniel Rego, André Cardoso, and Joaquim Júnior
keywords: Sensor networks; Multi-Hop communication; energy consumption

QoE-based Adaptive mVoIP Service Architecture in SDN Networks
Dongwoo Kwon, Rottanakvong Thay, Hyeonwoo Kim, and Hongtaek Ju
keywords: VoIP, mVoIP QoE, Adaptive mVoIP service, Codec selection optimization, Network QoS, SDN

Analytical Modelling of ANCH Clustering Algorithm for WSNs
Morteza Mohammadi Zanjireh, Hadi Larijani, Wasiu Popoola, and Ali Shahrabi
keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, Clustering, Energy Efficiency, ANCH, Analytical Model

Survivability Mechanism for Multicast Streaming in P2P Networks
Rober Mayer, Manoel Penna, Marcelo Pellenz, and Edgard Jamhour
keywords: Static P2P Networks, Resilient P2P Multicast

A Flexible P2P Gossip-based PSO Algorithm
Marco Biazzini
keywords: P2P function optimization; distributed Particle Swarm Optimization; P2P distributed computation.

Simulation of Buffering Mechanism for Peer-to-Peer Live Streaming Network with Collisions and Playback Lags
Yuliya Gaidamaka, Ivan Vasiliev, Andrey Samuylov, Konstantin Samouylov, and Sergey Shorgin
keywords: P2P live streaming network; buffer occupancy; playback continuity; Markov chain model; playback lags

Virtualization Model of a Large Logical Database for Diffused Data by Peer-to-Peer Cloud Computing Technology
Takeshi Tsuchiya, Tadashi Miyosawa, Hiroo Hirose, and Keiichi Koyanagi
keywords: Distributed Databases, Peer-to-Peer, Cloud Com- puting, Service Virtualization

Adaptive Online Compressing Schemes Using Flow Information on Advanced Relay Nodes
Mei Yoshino, Hiroyuki Koga, Masayoshi Shimamura, and Takeshi Ikenaga
keywords: adaptive online compression; advanced relay node; network resource; computational resource

Hybrid Synchrony Virtual Networks: Definition and Embedding
Rasha Hasan, Odorico Mendizabal, and Fernando Dotti
keywords: Virtual Network; Distributed Systems; Synchrony

Modeling of Content Dissemination Networks on Multiplexed Caching Hierarchies
Satoshi Imai, Kenji Leibnitz, and Masayuki Murata
keywords: In-network caching; distributed cache system; Content Centric Networking; Time-To-Live

A Simplified Queueing Model to Analyze Cooperative Communication with Network Coding
Jose Brito
keywords: cooperative communication; network coding; queueing model; performance

Improving Recovery in GMPLS-based WSON through Crank-back Re-routing
Edgard Jamhour and Manoel Penna
keywords: crank-bak re-routingt; make-before-brake; routing and wavelength assignment

An Overview of Switching Solutions for Wired Industrial Ethernet
György Kálmán, Dalimir Orfanus, and Rahil Hussain
keywords: industrial Ethernet, switch, embedded, discrete, soft switch, forwarding, performance, QoS

Experimental Analysis of TCP Behaviors against Bursty Packet Losses Caused by Transmission Interruption
Weikai Wang, Celimuge Wu, Satoshi Ohzahata, and Toshihiko Kato
keywords: TCP; Transmission Interruption; Bursty Packet Losses; Retransmission; SACK Based Loss Recovery.

Optimizing Green Clouds through Legacy Network Infrastructure Management
Sergio Roberto Villarreal, Carlos Becker Westphall, and Carla Merkle Westphall
keywords: Green IT; Green Networking; Green Cloud Computing

A Spectrum Sharing Method based on Adaptive Threshold Management between Non-cooperative WiMAX/WiFi Providers
Yukika Maruyama, Keita Kawano, Kazuhiko Kinoshita, and Koso Murakami
keywords: WiMAX/WiFi Integrated Network, Spectrum Sharing, Spectrum Assignment, Cognitive Radio

A Policy for Group Vertical Handover Attempts
Nivia Cruz Quental and Paulo André da Silva Gonçalves
keywords: GVHO; handover; attempt; latency

Fault Tolerance in Area Coverage Algorithms for Limited Mobility Sensor Networks
Mark Snyder and Sriram Chellappan
keywords: Mobile Sensors; Sensor Networks; Disabled Mobility; Algorithms

Performance Comparison of IPv6 Multihoming and Mobility Protocols
Charles Mugga, Dong Sun, and Dragos Ilie
keywords: IPv6; mobility; multihoming; performance

Integrating CARMNET System with Public Wireless Networks
Przemyslaw Walkowiak, Radoslaw Szalski, Salvatore Vanini, and Armin Walt
keywords: Wireless Mesh Networks; Network Utility Maximisation; network scalability; DANUMS; seamless handover

Trends in Local Telecommunication Switch Resiliency
Andrew Snow and Gary Weckman
keywords: reliability growth; resiliency, outage index; homogeneous poisson process (HPP), non-homogeneous poisson process (NHPP), Laplace trend test, time series of events, fault management

DDoS Attack Detection Using Flow Entropy and Packet Sampling on Huge Networks
Jae-Hyun Jun, Dongjoon Lee, Cheol-Woong Ahn, and Sung-Ho Kim
keywords: packet sampling; flow entropy; ddos detection; Network Security

Decision-Theoretic Planning for Cloud Computing
Rafael Mendes, Rafael Weingartner, Guilherme Geronimo, Gabriel Brascher, Alexandre Flores, Carlos Westphall, and Carla Westphall
keywords: cloud computing; decision-theoretic planning; auto- nomic computing; self-management

Prioritized Adaptive Max-Min Fair Residual Bandwidth Allocation for Software-Defined Data Center Networks
Adrew Lester, Yongning Tang, and Tibor Gyires
keywords: SDN, max-min fair, scheduling

PonderFlow: A Policy Specification Language for Openflow Networks
Bruno Batista and Marcial Fernandez
keywords: Openflow; OpenFlow Controller; Policy-based Network Management; Policy Definition Language

Proposal for a New Generation SDN-Aware Pub/Sub Environment
Toyokazu Akiyama, Yukiko Kawai, Katsuyoshi Iida, Jianwei Zhang, and Yuhki Shiraishi
keywords: Software defined network (SDN); Publish/subscribe communication model; Overlay network; P2P middleware

Geo-Coded Environment for Integrated Smart Systems
Kirill Krinkin and Kirill Yudenok
keywords: Keywords-geo-tagging; geo-coding; Smart Spaces; Smart System; LBS.

OpenFlow Networks with Limited L2 Functionality
Hiroaki Yamanaka, Eiji Kawai, Shuji Ishii, and Shinji Shimojo
keywords: OpenFlow; TCAM; L2 switch; carrier access network

DCPortalsNg: efficient isolation of tenant networks in virtualized datacenters
Heitor Moraes, Rogerio Nunes, and Dorgival Guedes
keywords: Software Defined Networks; virtual networks; OpenFlow.

Heterogeneous Virtual Intelligent Transport Systems and Services in Cloud Environments
Vladimir Zaborovsky, Vladimir Muliukha, Sergey Popov, and Alexey Lukashin
keywords: Intelligent Transport Systems; Cloud Services; MESH; Multiprotocol Node; Security Services

A Technique to Mitigate the Broadcast Storm Problem in VANETs
Manoel Paula, Daniel Lima, Filipe Roberto, André Cardoso, and Joaquim Celestino Júnior
keywords: VANET; volunteers dilemma; routing protocol; broadcast storm

An Alleviating Traffic Congestion Scheme Based on VANET with a Function to Dynamical Change Size of Area for Traffic Information in Urban Transportations
Shinji Inoue, Yousuke Taoda, and Yoshiaki Kakuda
keywords: alleviating traffic congestion; vehicle density; average velocity; VANET; simulation

Solving the Virtual Machine Placement Problem as a Multiple Multidimensional Knapsack Problem
Ricardo Stegh Camati, Alcides Calsavara, and Luiz Lima Jr
keywords: cloud computing; virtual machine placement; knapsack problem; evaluation method;

Comparing Network Traffic Probes based on Commodity Hardware
Luis Zabala, Alberto Pineda, Armando Ferro, and Daniel Fernandez
keywords: capturing; Ksensor; Adviser; NAPI, PF_RING; PFQ

Efficient Performance Diagnosis in OpenFlow Networks Based on Active Measurements
Megumi Shibuya, Atsuo Tachibana, and Teruyuki Hasegawa
keywords: OpenFlow; Active measurement; Network Diagnosis

Evaluating the Trade-off Between DVFS Energy-savings and Virtual Networks Performance
Fábio Diniz Rossi, Marcelo da Silva Conterato, Tiago Coelho Ferreto, and César Augusto Fonticielha De Rose
keywords: Benchmarking; DVFS; throughput; virtualization.

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