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ThinkMind // COGNITIVE 2011, The Third International Conference on Advanced Cognitive Technologies and Applications

Type: conference

Download: COGNITIVE 2011 cover page

Download: COGNITIVE 2011 foreword page

Download: COGNITIVE 2011 committee page

Download: COGNITIVE 2011 table of contents

Download: COGNITIVE 2011 full proceedings

Notes: IARIA Conference.

Terry Bossomaier, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Pascal Lorenz, University of Haute Alsace, France

Event editions: - there are 7 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4197

ISBN: 978-1-61208-155-7

Location: Rome, Italy

Dates: from September 25, 2011 to September 30, 2011

Articles: there are 25 articles

Analysis of the Effect of Cognitive Load on Gait with off-the-shelf Accelerometers
Eladio Martin and Ruzena Bajcsy
keywords: cognitive load, dual task, gait.

The Entry Point in the Identification of Familiar Objects
Barbara Bazzanella and Paolo Bouquet
keywords: entry point; singular concepts; basic level advantage; unique level of identity

From fMRI Data To Cognitive Models: Testing the ACT-R Brain Mapping Hypothesis with an Ex-Post Model
Jan Charles Lenk, Claus Möbus, Jale Özyurt, Christiane Margarete, and Arno Claassen
keywords: Cognitive modeling, ACT-R, BOLD prediction, Brain Mapping Hypothesis

Discovering the phase of a dynamical system from a stream of partial observations with a multi-map self-organizing architecture
Bassem Khouzam and Hervé Frezza-Buet
keywords: Dynamic Systems, Recurrent Neural Networks, Self-Organization

Global Context Influences Local Decisions
Terry Bossomaier and Michael Harre
keywords: game of go; decision making; entropy; online data mining

Cognitive System with VoIP Secondary Users over VoIP Primary Users
Yakim Y. Mihov and Boris P. Tsankov
keywords: call blocking probability; call dropping probability; cognitive radio; VoIP

Refining a User Behaviour Model Based on the Observation of Emotional States
Yuska Aguiar, Maria Vieira, Edith Galy, Jean-Marc Mercantini, and Charles Santoni
keywords: User behaviour model; data gathering on human emotions; interaction observation; human error studies

Knowledge Representation in Visual Design
Ewa Grabska, Grażyna Ślusarczyk, and Szymon Gajek
keywords: design knowledge; CAD system; conceptual design; visual language; hypergraph

Task-based Guidance of Multiple UAV Using Cognitive Automation
Johann Uhrmann and Axel Schulte
keywords: task-based guidance; goal-driven behaviour; artificial cognititive units; artificial cognition; level of automation

Learning Odors for Social Robots: The URBANO experience
Daniel Galán, Ramón Galán, Ángel Luis Martínez, and Iveth Moreno
keywords: Cognitive systems, social robotics, neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms

PREVIRNEC A new platform for cognitive tele-rehabilitation
Javier Solana, Cesar Caceres, Enrique J. Gomez, Sandra Ferrer-Celma, Maria Ferre-Bergada, Pedro Garcia-Lopez, Alberto Garcia-Molina, Alejandro Garcia-Rudolph, Teresa Roig, and Jose Maria Tormos
keywords: PREVIRNEC; tele-rehabilitation; cognitive rehabilitation; Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

Improvements on Relational Reinforcement Learning to Solve Joint Attention
Renato Silva and Roseli Romero
keywords: joint attention; relational reinforcement learning; social robots; shared attention.

Qualitative Spatial Knowledge Acquisition Based on the Connection Relation
Tiansi Dong and Tim vor der Brueck
keywords: Deictic orientation; Connection relation; Indoor environments.

Thought Experiments in Linguistic Geometry
Boris Stilman
keywords: Linguistic Geometry; Primary Language; Artificial Intelligence; algorithm of discovery; game theory

Informed Virtual Geographic Environments for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in Multiagent Geosimulations
Mehdi Mekni and Bernard Moulin
keywords: Informed Virtual Geographic Environments, Knowledge Management, Agent and Action Archetypes, Agentification of Geographic Features, Spatial Situation

A Holonic Approach for Providing Composite Services
Irina Diaconita, Florin Leon, and Andrei Dan Leca
keywords: holonic multiagent systems; coalitions; composite services; agent reputation

Education Portal for Reactive and Proactive Service Provision
Stanimir Stoyanov, Georgi Cholakov, Veselina Valkanova, and Mincho Sandalski
keywords: eLearning; education portals; agent- and service-oriented architectures; intelligent assistants; reactive and proactive behavior

Supporting Adaptability in Agent-Based Digital Healthcare Ecosystems
Victor Rentea, Fabrizio Ricci, Luca Dan Serbanati, and Andrei Vasilateanu
keywords: virtual healthcare record; digital healthcare ecosystem; biomimicry; multi-agent systems; virtual organisms; adaptability

A new Ranking Technique for Integration among Higher-Level and Lower-Level Domain Ontologies and its Application to the Electromagnetic Domain
Alessandra Esposito, Marco Zappatore, and Luciano Tarricone
keywords: ontology, metric, ranking technique, integration

Generalized Implicative Model of a Fuzzy Rule Base and its Properties
Martina Dankova
keywords: Graded fuzzy rules; Normal forms; Approximate reasoning; Fuzzy functions; Fuzzy control;

A Two-Level Decision Support System For Supplier Diversification
Evrim Ursavas Guldogan and Onder Bulut
keywords: expert systems; genetic algorithms; decision support systems; supply chain management; supplier selection

Developing a Decision Tool to Evaluate Unmanned System's Command and Control Technologies in Network Centric Operations Environments
Maria Olinda Rodas, Mark C. Veronda, and Christian X. Szatkoski
keywords: operator capacity; supervisory control; expert systems; unmanned vehicles.

A Framework for Creativity-oriented Autonomy based on Online Social Networks
Balasubramaniam Shekar and Shamit Bagchi
keywords: Organization Structures; Art Industry; Online Social Networks; Self-Organization Theory

Inverse ACO Applied for Exploration and Surveillance in Unknown Environments
Rodrigo Calvo, Janderson Rodrigo de Oliveira, Mauricio Figueiredo, and Roseli A. Francelin Romero
keywords: multiple robot systems; surveillance task; ant colony systems; environment exploration; swarm systems; mobile robots

Basic Study for Human Brain Activity Based on the Spatial Cognitive Task
Shunji Shimizu, Noboru Takahashi, Hiroyuki Nara, Hiroaki Inoue, and Yukihiro Hirata
keywords: spatial cognitive task; NIRS; determing direction during car driving

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