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ThinkMind // COGNITIVE 2010, The Second International Conference on Advanced Cognitive Technologies and Applications

Type: conference

Download: COGNITIVE 2010 cover page

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Notes: IARIA Conference.

Ali Beklen, IBM Turkey, Turkey
Jorge Ejarque, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain
Wolfgang Gentzsch, EU Project DEISA, Board of Directors of OGF, Germany
Teemu Kanstren, VTT, Finland
Arne Koschel, Fachhochschule Hannover, Germany
Yong Woo Lee, University of Seoul, Korea
Li Li, Avaya Labs Research - Basking Ridge, USA
Michal Zemlicka, Charles University - Prague, Czech Republic

Event editions: - there are 6 editions.

ISSN: 2308-4197

ISBN: 978-1-61208-108-3

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Dates: from November 21, 2010 to November 26, 2010

Articles: there are 17 articles

Gestalt and Computational Perceptual Approach: Brain responses tendencies given by visual and auditory basic stimuli
Bruno Giesteira, João Travassos, Diana Tavares, and Diamantino Freitas
keywords: Perception; Event-Related Potentials; Gestalt; Computational Theory; GUI; AUI

Functional Segregation of Semantic Memory and Processing in Ventral Inferior Frontal Gyrus
Mi Li, Shengfu Lu, Xiaofei Xue, and Ning Zhong
keywords: left ventral inferior frontal gyrus(LvIFG); function MRI; semantic memory; semantic processing; BOLD signal change

Towards a Cognitive Handoff for the Future Internet: Model-driven Methodology and Taxonomy of Scenarios
Francisco A. Gonzalez-Horta, Rogerio A. Enriquez-Caldera, Juan M. Ramirez-Cortes, Jorge Martinez-Carballido, and Eldamira Buenfil-Alpuche
keywords: Cognitive handoff; handoff methodology; handoff scenarios

Agent and Swarm Views of Cognition in Swarm-Array Computing
Blesson Varghese and Gerard McKee
keywords: cognitive layered architecture, intelligent agents, swarm-array computing

The Significance of Verbal and Spatial Attentional Resources on Mental Workload and Performance
Abdulrahman Basahel, Mark Young, and Marco Ajovalasit
keywords: ; workload; attentional resources; verbal; spatial

Guided Local Search in High Performance Detectors for MIMO Systems
Jaime L. Jacob, Yuri M. Mostagi, and Taufik Abrão
keywords: MIMO system, heuristic detectors, semidefinite relaxation

Towards a Cognitive Handoff for the Future Internet: A Holistic Vision
Francisco A. Gonzalez-Horta, Rogerio A. Enriquez-Caldera, Juan M. Ramirez-Cortes, Jorge Martinez-Carballido, and Eldamira Buenfil-Alpuche
keywords: Cognitive handoff; future Internet; holism

Complexity and Chaos Analysis of a Predator-Prey Ecosystem Simulation
Yasaman Majdabadi Farahani, Abbas Golestani, and Robin Gras
keywords: agent-based ecosystem; chaos analysis; complexity analysis; Markov chain

A Knowledge Development Conception and its Implementation: Knowledge Ontology, Rule System and Application Scenarios
Eckhard Ammann, Manuela Ruiz-Montiel, Ismael Navas-Delgado, and José F. Aldana-Montes
keywords: conception of knowledge, knowledge development, knowledge ontology, rule system, application scenarios

URBANO: A Tour-Guide Robot Learning to Make Better Speeches
Jose Javier Rainer and Ramón Galán
keywords: Cognitive systems; learning; autonomous robot; fuzzy systems; decision making

Graphical Modelling in Mental Health Risk Assessments
Olufunmilayo Obembe and Christopher D. Buckingham
keywords: mental health risk assessment; probability graphs; chain graphs

A Tool for Experimenting with a Theorem Prover
Foteini Grivokostopoulou and Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis
keywords: Automated reasoning, Theorem prover, Resolution control strategies, TPTP library, Teaching logic assistant

Algorithm to Solve Web Service Complex Request Using Automatic Composition of Semantic Web Service
Brahim Batouche, Yannick Naudet, and Frédéric Guinand
keywords: semantic web service; composition graph; automatic compositio; web service composition structure

Recognition and Understanding Situations and Activities with Description Logicsfor Safe Human-Robot Cooperation
Jürgen Graf, Stephan Puls, and Heinz Wörn
keywords: Cognitive Robotics, Scene Understanding, Markerless Pose Estimation

An Estimation of Distribution Algorithm using the LZW Compression Algorithm
Orawan Watchanupaporn and Worasait Suwannik
keywords: Estimation of Distribution Algorithms; Lempel-Ziv-Welch Algorithm; Compression Algorithm; Compact Genetic Algorithm

Learning Approaches to Visual Control of Robotic Manipulators
Paulo Goncalves and Pedro Torres
keywords: Fuzzy Modeling, Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, Computer Vision, Robotic Manipulators

A Perspective on Machine Consciousness
Dilip Prasad and Janusz Starzyk
keywords: Machine consciousness; models of machine consciousness

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